50 Best Fixed Deposit Rates for Senior Citizens – March 2013

I had written about 50 Best Fixed Deposit Schemes for General Public and I got request to publish a similar list for Senior Citizens. Historically banks used to give at least 0.5% more interest to senior citizens. But things are changing now. Recently State Bank of India (SBI) and Punjab National Bank (PNB) have revised their fixed deposit rates and have reduced the interest premium for senior citizens from 0.5% to 0.25%.

Also some banks don’t offer senior citizens interest premium for special term deposits of say 500 days, 555 days, etc.

Here is 50 Best Fixed deposit scheme for Senior Citizens spanning across various banks and different tenures that you can choose from.

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The FD rates are as of February 28, 2013.

Fixed Deposit Highlights:

  1. The highest Fixed Deposit Rate is 10.15% offered by The Catholic Syrian Bank for 1 – 2 Years
  2. Most of the deposit in lists are of special duration such has 555 days, 1000 days, 1111 days, etc
  3. For tenure of 1 Year the highest FD Rate is 10.00% by The Lakshmi Vilas Bank for 1 Year
  4. For tenure of 1 to 2 Years the highest FD Rate is 10% by The Catholic Syrian Bank for 1 – 2 Years
  5. For tenure of 2 to 5 Years the highest FD Rate is 9.75% by The Karur Vysya Bank Limited, Yes Bank, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited, IDBI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank,Development Credit Bank Ltd.,IndusInd Bank
  6. For tenure of more than 5 Years the highest FD Rate is 9.75% by Union Bank of India for 7 years 7 months

The list below is shorted by Fixed Deposit interest rates offered.

10.15%365 days and including 24 monthsThe Catholic Syrian Bank
10.00%15 Months 15 Days to 16 MonthsYes Bank
10.00%365 days to 499 daysCity Union Bank
10.00%1 yearThe Lakshmi Vilas Bank
10.00%500 daysCity Union Bank
10.00%555 days (only for individuals)TNSC Bank
9.80%50 months to less than 60 monthsDevelopment Credit Bank Ltd.
9.75%7 years 7 monthsUnion Bank of India
9.75%1 Year (V-Vaibhav )Vijaya Bank
9.75%SBH – DoubleState Bank of Hyderabad
9.75%SBH – 500State Bank of Hyderabad
9.75%500 daysPunjab and Sind Bank
9.75%555 daysBank of India
9.75%501 days to 5 yearsCity Union Bank
9.75%Above 1 year to less than 2 yearsThe Lakshmi Vilas Bank
9.75%1 year to below 1 years 2 monthsIndusInd Bank
9.75%366 days to 1095 daysING Vysya Bank
9.75%Above 2 years to 3 yearsThe Karur Vysya Bank Limited
9.75%3 Years to less than 10 YearsYes Bank
9.75%1 Year to less than 3 YearsYes Bank
9.75%365 daysING Vysya Bank
9.75%Above 20m20d to 5 yearsTamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited
9.75%20 months 20 daysTamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited
9.75%555 daysCentral Bank of India
9.75%greater than 500 days to 5 yearsIDBI Bank
9.75%500 daysIDBI Bank
9.75%12 months to less than 24 monthsTNSC Bank
9.75%2 years 6 months to below 2 years 9 monthsIndusInd Bank
9.75%13 monthsDevelopment Credit Bank Ltd.
9.75%30 months to less than 3 yearsAxis Bank
9.75%2 years to less than 30 monthsAxis Bank
9.75%18 months to less than 2 yearsAxis Bank
9.75%18 monthsDevelopment Credit Bank Ltd.
9.75%19 months to 24 monthsDevelopment Credit Bank Ltd.
9.75%36 monthsDevelopment Credit Bank Ltd.
9.75%1 year to below 1 years 2 monthsIndusInd Bank
9.75%2 years 6 months to below 2 years 9 monthsIndusInd Bank
9.75%3 years to less than 5 yearsAxis Bank
9.70%5 YEARS to less than 8 yearsBank of India
9.65%1111 Days (Baroda Maha Utsav Deposit Scheme)Bank of Baroda
9.60%1111 DaysBank of India
9.60%Above 2 YEARS & upto 3 yearsState Bank of Mysore
9.55%8 YEARS and above up to 10 YearsBank of India
9.55%Golden Jubli Deposit (50 weeks)State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
9.55%8 YEARS and above to 10 yearsCanara Bank
9.55%5 YEARS and above to less than 8 yearsCanara Bank
9.55%3 YEARS and above to less than 5 yearsCanara Bank
9.55%2 YEARS and above to less than 3 yearsCanara Bank
9.55%1 year and above to less than 2 YEARSCanara Bank

Disclaimer: Interest rates can change from time to time. Please check the latest interest rates with the bank before investing.

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  1. Satyam Singh says:

    this was very good information. thnaks

    • Are you looking to invest in FDs?

      • I am a senior citizen. I have been investing in FD of 3 year term with 12.5% interest with interest payable quarterly. I already have deposits with Unitech Ltd. , Ansal Prop. and Infra Ltd and with JP Associates. I wish to include more reputed companies to distribute and reduce risks. Can you indicate companies offering 12 to 12.5% interest?

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