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7 High Rated Companies Offering more than Bank Fixed Deposits – June 2018

High Rated Companies Offering more than Bank Fixed Deposits Most banks are offering interests in the range of 6% to 7.5% on their fixed deposits. This has created problem for people who depend on bank fixed deposit for their income. However some best rated companies and institutions are offering interest rates higher than banks. Below are the details of 7 companies which have high credit rating and […] Continue reading →

9.75% JM Financial Credit Solutions Limited NCD – May/June’18 – Should you Invest?

JM Financial Credit Solutions Limited NCD - May 18 JM Financial Credit Solutions Limited has come out with public issue of non-convertible debentures (NCD) offering up to 9.75% interest rate. The issue opens on May 28 and closes on June 20, 2018. JM Financial Credit Solutions Limited, a venture between JM Financial Limited holding 50.01% and INH Mauritius holding 48.62% is a non-banking finance company […] Continue reading →

How SWP in Debt Mutual Funds is better than Fixed Deposit for Regular Income?

SWP in Debt Mutual Fund is Better than Fixed Deposit or Annuity to generate Regular Income Fixed deposit with banks are the most popular investment option for regular income after retirement. But with interest rates going down retirees have started exploring other options. Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) in debt fund is one such option which retirees and people looking for regular income must evaluate. As per your SWP instructions to mutual fund, […] Continue reading →