126 thoughts on “How to Fill Form 15G and 15H?

  1. How to fill column 15 16 and 17 in form 15H? What I get is that column 15 means the interest income from the branch fixed deposit say suppose “Rs. 7000” , column 16 the same amount is repeated i.e. “Rs. 7000” & in column 7 suppose I have submitted 3 15 H forms of amount Rs. 7000 each before this then the box amount would be 3 & 21000 respectively. Am I correct?

  2. My taxable income is rs. 290000. But calculated tax is 0 as 2500 tax rebate in 87A. Should I submit 15 g ?

  3. MALAY HALDER says:

    As per FY 2017-2018 , My estimated income after deduction is Rs. 2,90,000. But if I consider for Rs.2500 tax reduction due to income less than Rs. 3,50,000 , my tax calculation is NIL. Can I submit Form 15G?

    Your Advice is highly required.

    Thanks ,
    Malay Halder

  4. hi am sanjay and i want to withdrawl my pf i was in company from aug 2014 to july 2016 .in form 15 G which assessment year applicable for me .
    kindly guide as soon as possible

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