163 thoughts on “How to Fill Form 15G and 15H?

  1. Ranvir singh says:

    Sir if interest on f.d is 260000 and deduction in 80c is 20000 then 15g should be given or not

  2. Asok Kumar Chattopadhyay says:

    I am a senior citizen. In form 15 h should I mention all my investments like scss, mis, Lic’s barista pension bins yojana, Jeevan akshya vi, pmvvy etc. in column no. 18 while submitting in a particular bank where I have a FD of only rs. 10000? In column 17 whether my pension amount along with all interests should be mentioned? In column 15 should I mention only the amount of a particular bank where 15h is being submitted? Please clarify.

  3. SUNIL MALANI says:

    My Huf will have an income of RS 400000 for fy 19-20(ay 20-21) mainly by interest .can I submit firm 15 g as my income is below new taxable limit of RS 500000.

  4. Shubham Namasudra says:

    What i have to write in Amount of income part of 19 column

  5. I am retired central govt.class I officer (66+ age). I get 56,910/- pension. Should income means my pension + interest I earned for my FD/RD/Saving bank and from post office senior citizen saving Scheme interest (for Rs.900000/-) in Post Office. In addition I invested Rs.11 lakhs in SBI SCSS’ monthly income scheme. So 9 lakh + 11 lakh=20 lakh in monthly income scheme. Four the FDs (of 1 lakh each)with sbi for 5 years TAX savings FD. What is the exemption and tax liability for current year for me. Please elaborate.

  6. Dear sir
    Tax payer (induvisual) can submit 15G form.
    For example
    A person total income is – 3;00;000
    he invest 50;000 in 80c
    Naw tax liability is 0
    He can eligible for submit 15G
    And what is total estimated income of him

  7. Dear Sir
    i am a senior citizen of 61 yrs age. i have sr citizen saving scheme , ppf a/c, bank fda, recurring deposite. i will be crossing the taxable limit as my income for FY 2018-2019 is working out more. but i have given form 15H only for the bank fda and for other investments i have not given 15H . Any possible implications due to 15H given for the FDA
    kindly clarify .

  8. I am govt employee and my gross salary monthly around 44000.
    I have confusion regarding estimated total income of the previous year, what it means it is interest income or total income like
    44000*12 plus some perks I got from my organisation or only interest income
    I have filed only it return of 2017-18
    Should I tick yes in tax access or NO
    Please guide

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