118 thoughts on “Do you Know POSDEC CHG in ICICI Bank Statement?”

  1. The same goes with PMJDY account in any bank, max limit for any withdrawal in such type of account is 10k per month and also there is limit for online transfer which is only four times a month and soon after that flat 17.54 is charged for every transaction without any intimation . All banks are fraud and all this is happening under the govt nose.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information.
    I was randomly checking my bank statement for last month which I usually don’t do. I noticed this charges bcz This time time transactions were very less as last month I used other debit card.

    This is FRAUD by ICICI bank. They should have send one SMS for this deduction reason instead hidden charges to customers.

  3. Shashank Mungantiwar

    File a complaint against ICICI Bank using

  4. It happens 21times with me i didn’t do any transactions like that in my account but they wantedly doing this transactions for the customers it is a fraud without any intimation how they can cut from our account..

  5. Same issue unwanted charges on this hard time for me 6 times 29.50 rs charged without proper authorization notification I feel very bad about it …
    Even though I paid my premium in advance but couldn’t able to pay for UNICEF which I was paying every month … Feel very bad 😞

  6. If this type of charges started Colling by ICICI….. I, am sure many saving accounts going to get ” CLOSED ” soon are later including self. As a citizen of India I, demand bank to credit back the amount into respective customer of ICICI. If it continues further inspire of protest by all. Then some thing is wrong with ICICI.

  7. Inzmam karbhari

    Same thing happen to me but for me 500 rs has debited from me while i was adding Netflix but icici doesn’t allow me to do that.and when I contacted with the cc they said there is no problem from the bank.and consequently for 16 times they deducted 29.50rs . without any information they are doing such things. And previously they deduct 2000 rs from my account.. And said you activated the charity fund. So it’ll deduct. They are just looting our money.. Very bad service provided by icici.

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