89 thoughts on “Do you Know POSDEC CHG in ICICI Bank Statement?

  1. Rushikesh jadhav says:

    Today I faced this problem without any information and I did not any transaction they cut my 87 rupess what the hellπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ only looting customers pathetic 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  2. Whoever facing this issue I request you all to lodge a complaint on RBI website https://cms.rbi.org.in against ICICI bank. They might take some action on it.

  3. sambhaji powar says:

    highly disappointing…I was face same problem without any information & I did not any transaction ICICI Bank was 29.50rs deducted from my savings account twicely.

  4. Dear ICICI, such a worst bank services i have neven seen. unnecessarily deducting charges for everything. This POSDEC charges are deducted for the regular credit card payment, not for any decline transaction…Worst Service forever.

  5. Even I faced the same issue.. totally disgusting and definitely unethical on part of icici

  6. what the hell is this..icici looting us badly..i have beem charged soo many times tat too without informing us..highly disappointing.

  7. Gopinath S says:

    yes im also looses my balance from my icici account because it was network problems what can i do ????????????????? 4 time consecutive looses my balance on my account.

  8. Indira Lakshmi says:

    From my account the ICICI bank people have deducted RS 90 as posdec bank charges.. But why suddenly rised to 90 RS? If my account have enough money for any transaction then also they deducted and how we know that they have deducted the amount for posdec charges when they are not sending any notification for transaction properly? I can to know all after I receive statement. Feed up with their inconsistence services of ICICI.

  9. UshaKiron says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. It was really helpful for me to know about posdec charges as I have no idea on this when I was charged by ICICI bank thrice by going through my statement online.

  10. Varadharajan says:

    Jus now for a clarification I was searching my account statement for past 6 months and I now see every month atleast 10 times they have deducted 29.5 rupees for unknown reasons for last 6 months approximately 1800 rupees have been deducted from my account just in last 6 months. I don’t know how many they have been deducting this. I tried customer care and it’s more than half an hour, all I get is “you are on queue p, please wait”. After trying third time a girl came, with rage before I could explain she keeps telling thaty voice “inaudible” and cut the call. I am getting such a rage, they are truly looting. I don’t know how to take revenge. If this continues I get BP, even heart attack. can’t be patient more than this. My god. I have a loan and as soon as possible I try to pay and move to a Nationalized bank. SBI or Indian Bank.


  11. ICICI walo ki [email protected]#$%^&… salo ne 29.50 ke nam par thodi hum logo ki Mar rahe hai

  12. Today I was face this problem without any information & I did not any transaction ICICI Bank was 29rs deducted from my savings account

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