73 thoughts on “Do you Know POSDEC CHG in ICICI Bank Statement?

  1. Dinesh Prajapat says:

    Same happened to me as well Icici deducted 1 times.
    So can we get refund this money?

  2. Dinesh Prajapat says:

    Same happened to me as well ICICI deducted 1 times

  3. Feom my account 29.50

  4. Same happened to me as well.Icici deducted 9 times

  5. Account no 660801501612 name Subin Raja. In my account also they collect.. Please refund it

  6. Sumit Kamble says:

    Hi, this is Sumit Kamble. I am also facing a problem posdec 28.09

  7. They have charged 5 consecutive times 29.5 Rs.
    It’s worst

  8. Jignesh Pandav says:

    Fraud bank totally so many hidden charges they charged me 29.50 more than 7 times. as per review, Axis bank provides better service with less hidden charges.

  9. Same happened to me as well.Icici deducted 8 times 29.05 rs.assholes

  10. In my condition it happens 10 to 15 times, but every time i check my balance on mobile and after that i usually withdaw.then also bank has withrawal money from my account
    That aslo before 1 day
    Means today is 15/4/18
    And in my bank statement it shows 16/4/18 this is totally fraud.

  11. awesome collection of information may be this article help other people.

  12. D.Balakrishna says:

    Amount of 16.60 has deducted from my savings account of ICICI bank, kindly reverse my amount.

  13. Happened to me 3 times as of now and i think this is direct loot…any way to reverse that…we should make this issue at the top level… after their hidden loot customer having the balance will get into insufficient…if bank will loot where will we keep money..all other means for middle class snapped..even invaders not looted india as of this bank nd govt r looting from us

  14. I haven’t yet faced such an issue with me Axis bank account. My Icici Bank account gave me this problem, even though I had more than enough balance in it. Can anybody tell me if Axis bank cards are also facing such issues?

    • ICICI Bank Care says:

      Dear Customer(Rahul Rana),

      We request you to email us your concern with your contact details on [email protected]. Please mention the UID (135066_aacd) in the subject line of your email. Our official will assist you.

      ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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