107 thoughts on “Do you Know POSDEC CHG in ICICI Bank Statement?

  1. Aaron Abraham says:

    I was charged over 4-5 times due to this unethical practice by icici and I haven’t used my card for a long time too.I find it VERY disappointing and unsatisfactory where the bank does these kind of stuff and not even alert the customers about it. Shame on you icici for doing such fraudulent things. Shame on you for taking away our hard earned money just like that.

  2. Same thing happen to me but for me 1600+ rs has debited for me while i am adding Netflix but it is not a proper way to icici bank .i think icici bank goes to fraud bank . without any intimation every one money was detected in month of april . everyone should take necessary action on it

  3. Sayed Azam says:

    Same issues I have face I will switch to another bank who is not having such hidden charges

  4. Today its unsafe with ICICI Bank, they have become looters be careful and safeguard money from ICICI, a big emerging fraudster, we should drag this decision maker out and make their life miserable, what happens if any of us have an EMI and we miss out to check and we donot get any alerts of these deductions and none of these call centres are bothered to pick our calls bxxxxxx…. in a single day how can they deduct 14 times assholes.

  5. Today if they come up with posdec charges, tomorrow they might fiddle and take all our hard earned money, its better to remove this fraudulent service provider and opt another reliable source, this fraud may set a example for others so better transfer all money from this account

  6. i have been charged more than 10 times, its unethical and we should take necessary legal action and completely refrain using ICICI account going forward. lot of other banks services are ethical and reliable when compared, iam going to remove this bank account and add another bank account for phonepay google transaction and even change my current account as well savings account, moreover being a business unit iam going to change all the salary account from ICICI. I will advice my other friends in the same line.

  7. Chaithanya Krishna says:

    I have charged 25 times when I was trying to pay for Netflix.

  8. Hasmukh Prasad says:

    I have faced the same problem, and a huge amount of money hab been deducted from my ICICI bank account, 4 times money has been debited of Rs. 29.50, This is very disappointing for me.

    Icici customer care is not responding now a days so anyone please suggest how to get refund this amount & stop this deduction.

  9. Total 21 deductions in my account today at 29.50INR each. Going to close this account . ICICI is turning into fraud bank

  10. Manthan Sharma says:

    This is unfair system without sending any notifications about this to customers I m very disappointed now how I will get my money back

  11. I havn’t used my icici debit card for a while but still i was charged posdec twice
    What could be the reason and what should i do in such condition?

  12. I have facing the same problem so many times but that time I ignore it but due to lockdown and have sufficient time I Google it & I knew about that unethical charges.
    Please if any one about the banks who didn’t have such charges

  13. Sourav Maji says:

    I have faced the same problem, and a huge amount of money hab been deducted from my ICICI bank account, 18 times money has been debited of Rs. 29.50, total of Rs. 500+ has been deducted. This is very disappointing for me, very disappointing. This a serious case for me. I am not a so rich man that this amount is nothing for me. Totally fuck up system this is.

    • Amit Gera says:

      Same is happening with me , it happened for 9 times in my account even i am not using my card but amount is deducted daily. Please provide me solution how you solved your problem ? Is money returned by bank?

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