104 thoughts on “How safe is your Bank Fixed Deposit?

  1. IDFC Bank is increasing interest rate frequently. I have high amount invested there. Do you think IDFC has any chance to fail or it is almost safe.

  2. I came to know exim bank of India is wholly owned by government of India and offer fixed deposits with higher interest rates. Is it true? Shall I invest 30 lacs in it. How safe it is to proceed?

  3. g a sri ranganath says:

    I am planning to invest 10 lakhs FD in bandhan bank, is it safe to invest ?

  4. r. P.M. Kripakaran says:

    Must I take out my FDs and savings from PNB due to recent news.

    • There’s no reason to pull your deposits or money out of Punjab National Bank. The bank may have to take a loss, but the government has a stated policy that no public sector bank will fail, so your deposits remain protected.

  5. waiting for your answer

  6. and I need returns without tax deduction. …please suggest will go ahead and invest

  7. Hi Amit,

    I need monthly returns so I am planning to invest 10 lakhs.. could you please suggest me where can I invest.. I need no risk.

  8. Which bank is safe and provide high interest for senior citizens? I am looking for upto 5 yrs max in fixed deposits shorter term is preferred. Is there a max limit on the amount. Thanks Amit

  9. How safe is it to do an FD of 5 lac in IDFC bank for 366 days?

  10. Is solapur janata multistate bank is safe for high amount FD

    • This is co-operative bank and riskest of all kind of banks. Amount up to Rs 1 lakh is completely safe.

    • do not put your single paisa in co-op bank..
      for the sake of 0.5% higher interest you will loose 99.5% money , please learn from others experience..

      deposit insurance is fraud.. so do not depend on it.. people have lost money in so many co-op bank but not even a single person have got Rs.1lakh from the Deposit Insurance..

  11. Is it safe to invest in fixed deposit of Bandhan Bank

  12. I have around 12Lac Rupees, Out of which 9.5 Lac is already with bandhan bank with FD maturity time of somewhere in mid 2018.
    1. Is it safe to keep so much money in one bank considering this bank is new?
    2. Can i put the remaining 2.5 Lacs too in bandhan bank as it offers better interest rates right now for 2years period?

  13. Is it safe to invest Rs Fifteen lacs in Fixed Deposit offered by RBL? How to be sure that the decision does not go wrong?

  14. D.Venkateswara Rao says:

    I want to deposit that amount Rs.in IDFC Bank for 1 Year. is it secured .

  15. i have about 20 lacs worth of FDs in State Bank of Patiala.Is it a safe bet as they are part of the State bank group or do I need to keep my eyes n ears open.What worse can happen with such a bank

    • SBI is the biggest Indian bank and government cannot afford it to fail, as it would mean collapse of entire economy. So just relax 🙂

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