36 thoughts on “21 Hidden Charges in Saving Bank Account

  1. mukesh c. dobhal says:

    good information……more sld be there…..as banks hv issued for service charges on every debit n credit…..

  2. it is unethical to deduct account closing charges when account is more than 5years old , sbi bank deducted 500 rs as account closing charges when my account was more than 5 years old . is it ethical for bank to do so

  3. M Vikram Bharadhwaj says:

    Yes same thing happened for my account also. They have debited Rs.632.50. This might be due to maintaining lower balance in the account for a longer period.

  4. Srihari Babu says:

    A/C Keeping Chgs 632.50 CUTTED IN CURRENT ACCOUNT OF SBI TODAY WHY it was debited.

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