16 thoughts on “23 most common Investments and how they are Taxed? [updated for Budget 2018]


  2. Please advice about term plans (Insurance)

  3. S KANDAVELU says:

    Dear Amit

    Nice and informative article. Thanks for such a useful update.

  4. Very informative and well compiled.
    Believe capital gains up to 1 lakh is tax free. Is this true only for equity or MFs too?

  5. Katakam V Subba Rao says:

    Kindly advise whether Standard Deduction of Rs 40000 announced in Budget 2018 Katcould be claimed from EPS received under Employees Provident Fund Act

    • Yes standard deduction can be claimed from EPS pension (though there may be difference of opinion by some experts but as per me this is allowed).

  6. Whether exemption of rs 50000 available to interest income from non convertible debentures

  7. Great Contribution by Mr. Amit Kumar. I have get familiarized with so many schemes.

  8. Hi Amit,
    Thanks a lot for selecting this topic. Very well explained and easy to understand.

  9. Anil Shinde says:

    its very valuable information to individual

  10. Some of the provisions are old dated and not correct for the current FY.
    Point No. 23: Property holding period has been reduced to 2 years.
    Point No. 22: In both the cases, whether rented or self occupied, the interest deduction is capped at Rs. 2.00 lakhs.
    Point No. 5 and 15 are inconsistent. In both the cases, for STCG, the holding period is 3 years while for LTCG for more than 3 years, the tax is 20% with indexation.
    It seems that this is an old post, relevant to earlier years and has been reproduced with/without author’s permission.
    Please check and revert back the latest status.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. This indeed was my old post which I republished – sorry for errors.
      Have changed the tax treatment related to rental & property which was proposed in Budget 2017.

      However taxation of NCD & Mutual Funds are correct in the post.

  11. You have covered almost all schemes and plans. But in respect of item 9 Senior citizen savings scheme, you have mentioned no TDS. I am to say that a TDS is recovered at 10% in this scheme also as like in FDs. Please make suitable corrections accordingly. Thank you

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