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  1. Hello Amit, great article… really appreciate how you have taken time to respond to each comment.
    May I please request your help for the following:

    1. I am withdrawing my PF after 5+ yrs. of continuous service in 2 organizations and my withdrawal amount is more than Rs. 30,000. My previous employer has asked me to submit forms 10C, 19 and 15G. Do I need to fill 15G?
    3. If yes, please let me know what should I fill in the following fields:
    a. Previous Year – since I will be receiving the amount this yr, it will be 2016-17 ?
    b. My last tax filing was in yr. 2014 (I moved abroad on work permit in my current company). So the assessment yr. will be 2014?
    c. What is estimated income and estimated total income? I have some investment (less than 1 lakh in SIP and MF). do I need to mention the interest earned through these investments?
    d. What should I fill in field 19? what if I have more than 1 investment, there is only field here?

    Thanks in advance for the help


    • As you are withdrawing your EPF after 5 years of continuous service, the amount received is tax free. So you need not submit Form 15G. Lately I have seen lot of employers asking for it which in most cases does not make sense. Infact in most cases people might not be eligible for filling Form 15G.

  2. dear sir
    15g should be filed once a year or during every quarter of year

  3. Hi Amit,

    I left my job last year August and now want to withdraw my pf. Not working anywhere and not even invested anywhare for past 5 years. The PF amount would be somewhere around 20 k. Do I need to send 15g and h forms or no? Please help.

    Anu J

    • No you need not fill form 15G because TDS is applicable only if the EPF amount is more than Rs 50,000. Also if your EPF account is more than 5 years old there would be no tax else you need to show this amount as income and pay taxes yourself when you file returns next year.

      • So I would not be sending 15g and H. Thanks a tonne! 🙂

        • Dear Amit, Now the HR team of the company from which I need to get my PF says that I need to send 15 g form as many times they see PF office rejecting applications without 15g (even though they accept in my case ideally it is not required). Also, for last five years I have not made any investment, or getting interest. I purchased NSC in 2011, if I fill 15g , do I need to mention those? I am feeling so confused, please help! Thanks a lot! Anu

          • As Form 15G is not applicable in your case, fill whatever values it does not matter 🙂

            If they are taking it just as “one more paper” required, fill to best of your knowledge. If you don’t have any other income keep the relevant sections as “0”. Don’t think too much as it does not matter!

  4. i have taken SIP (which is continuing).Should i add interest of it in my Gross income

  5. PANKAJ PATIL says:

    HI Amit JI
    Very Detailed and nice article on 15G and 15H.

    I have query Regarding 15G and 15H

    1) In case of interest income do person have to give 15G/15H every quarter to banker
    2) If this is one form for whole year then what is to be entered in Field 8 and 10 Part II if form is given in 1 st Quarter. Do Banker have to fill whole year interest in part 8 or only quarterly interest amount. If it is whole year interest then what is filed 10 to be entered.

    • The Form 15G/H has to be submitted only once every year and all fields related to income is on annual basis. In case of Part II Field 8, the banker would enter the expected interest for the year and in case there is no maturity payable in mid year, the date in field 10 may be closing of the financial year (i.e. March 31). This is my educated guess but you will have to ask concerned authorities for clarification.

  6. vamsikrishna says:

    I resigned my Job in July 10 2015 and salary was 3.4 Lakhs.Totally I have 1.5 years experience.I have not done Income tax filing till now.
    I am going to withdraw PF from the company now and could you please help on below fields for Form 15G.

    Assessment Year:-
    Last Assessment Year in which
    Present AO Code:-
    AO Code(under whom assessed last
    Estimated total income from the sources mentioned below:
    Estimated total income of the previous year in which income mentioned in Column 22 is to be included:
    Which one I need to fill for PF withdrawl among SCHEDULE-I,II,III,IV,V:-

    • First thing if your income is more than Rs 2.5 lakh for the present financial year you are not eligible to fill Form 15G.

      If you have never filed your IT returns you have to select Not assessed. And once you select that all Assessment questions need to be answered.
      Assessment Year:-
      Last Assessment Year in which assessed:-
      Present AO Code:- Get AO Code(under whom assessed last time):-
      Estimated total income from the sources mentioned below: Write your this year estimated income for present FY
      Estimated total income of the previous year in which income mentioned in Column 22 is to be included: Write your this year estimated income for present FY
      Which one I need to fill for PF withdrawal among SCHEDULE-I,II,III,IV,V:- I cannot find the schedule in the form. can you please upload the same.

  7. Hello Amit,

    I have a Employee Provident fund divided into following:

    Employee share: 75,900/- rupees
    Employer Share: 38631/- rupees
    Pension Contribution: 35,541/- rupees

    I got terminated from the company.

    What is the amount that I can withdraw here? I am thinking to withdraw full amount. In my case I can withdraw total amount 1,50,072. is that correct?

    And also what is the amount that I have to fill in column 16 of form 15G in my case. My income was close to 10 Lakhs and now I am working in different company

    Please help me in filling form 15G from column 16 to 18.

    • You can only withdraw Employee & employer share and not the pension contribution.

      As your income is more than the taxable limit of Rs 2.5 lakhs, you should not fill Form 15G.


    Dear Amit ji

    I was in private teaching job and resigned from the job on 25 Nov 2015, due to my selection in state gov job. I have applied for my PF withdrawal. Should I have to submit form 15 G. If yes, then i have some doubts:
    Column No 16: what entry I have to submit there? my salary is my sole income. other than that i have two LIC policy, please help.
    Column no 17: What is to be enter here?
    column no 4: what is my P.Y. I have file ITR for assessment year 2015-16.
    who will fill Part II. My previous salary provider?

    kindly reply

    • Congrats for your new job. You should to fill Form 15G only if you are eligible for that i.e. your income for the Financial year is lower than 2.5 lakhs.

      Col 16: give your EPF balance you would withdraw
      Col 17: your EPF balance + salary earned for the FY
      Col 4: Previous Year is same as financial year so if you are filling it right now it would be FY 2016-17

      • VIRENDRA SINGH says:

        Thanks Amit…..its really a great help. one thing I want to know….
        I have resigned from my previous job on 25 Nov 2015. So, in column 17, should I fill the the salary from April 2015 to Nov 2015? If so, If this salary is greater than 2.5 lakhs (actually its more than 04 lacs), should i be eligible to fill this form?
        Someone told me that if you are leaving the job then you don’t have to fill form 15 G and also in that case no TDS will be deducted. Please clear my doubts on that.
        Waiting for your reply sir!

  9. sir how to entry pass the 15g and 15h in win man tds software

  10. it was so help ful for my mom.yet she got anxious and asked who have to fill part2 of form 15H .,., she means wheather herself or the bank person?

  11. Suppose I have 3 fds in a bank, one of which will mature in june (income 5000) which was opened on june 2015, another in dec (income 12000) and the 3rd one on may 2017 (income 20000). I don’t have any other income. Then in column 17 of 15G what will be my income? Should I consider by dividing the income by 12 and consider for the months in FY 2016-17 or what? Please explain

    • 2nd one opened in dec 2015 and 3rd one opened in may 2015.

    • There are two ways. One you can directly ask your bank about the total interest that would be credited in respective FY. If you want to do it yourself, you will have to calculate interest earned in FY for each deposit and add it.

      Taking your example – you have FD maturing in June which means 3 months interest income in FY 2016-17. For simplicity you can just take simple interest. Say the principle amount was Rs 1 Lakh & interest rate of 8%, so simple interest would be (1,00,000*8%*3/12) Rs 2,000. You need to do similar calculation for all FDs. The interest calculated here would be slightly less than actual that you would get but you can fill this in Form 15G/H – as it requires only approximate figure.

  12. THANK YOU.

  13. Namaste Amitji,

    The information given by you is very much help full to fill the form 15G. Still I have a little confusion for no.17 and 18.
    1) Will you please give the eg. for no 17(I am a housewife. The bank interest is my only income.)
    2) In no.18 ‘Form no. 15G other than this’,is it means 15G forms filled in other banks?

    Thank you very much for easy and nice explanation.

    • For No 17 you need to give the total expected income for the financial year. As interest is your only income you’ll need to add it across your FDs and mention it here.

      Your understaing of No 18 is right, it asks about the the detail of Form 15G filled in all other banks

  14. Hi ! Thanks a lot for your clear instructions & suggestions. My questions are as follows :
    1) Whether I will calculate the accrued interest or the received interest (for column no. 16) ?
    2) Whether I will include my gross salary income in column no. 17 ?
    3) Whether the P.Y. will be 2016-17?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Here are your answers:
      1. You should include accrued interest as banks use this method to deduct TDS and so most people use this for their income tax returns.
      2. Yes gross salary should be added
      3. Yes PY is same as FY and so it’s 2016-17 [Government forms and their multiple nomenclature for same thing!!!!!]

  15. Hi Amit,

    I am trying to fill the 15G form online through SBI banking, but i dont have the option for generate 15G/H as shown in this sbi video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSXWaYLdQ6c.

    In your screenchot also there is no such option so please tell me how to get that option or how can i fill the 15G form online.

    • I checked today and it’s not working. The link only tells if you have submitted Form 15G/H for a specific account. At the time of writing this post the link gave a form to fill. I think you might need to contact SBI customer care or branch for this information.

      I searched SBI internet banking and could not find it anywhere!

  16. K S Gopalkrishnan Iyer says:

    I have two 5 Years Tax savings FDs receipt of a Bank of Rs. 1 lakh & other one Rs. 30,000. Should I fill the Form 15 G and submit to bank to prevent any TDS.

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