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How builders use super built-up area to deceive home buyers?

How builders use super built-up area to deceive home buyers? The slow down in Real Estate has made the Builder’s innovative and they have found newer ways to deceive home buyers. “Can’t increase the price increase the “super built up area” is the new mantra of Real Estate developers across the country.” To understand how builders are deceiving buyers by selling super built-up area, let’s […] Continue reading →

The End of Gold Saving Schemes

The End of Gold Saving Schemes In 2011/2012 a lot of Gold jewelry companies/shops had launched Gold Saving Scheme – an innovative way to sell jewelry which had become unaffordable due to sharp increase in Gold Prices. The broad scheme structure was the customer needed to pay for 11 installments and the company paid the last installment. The entire money could then […] Continue reading →

Renting Bank Lockers: Charges, Guidelines and Alternatives

Bank Lockers Bank lockers have always been considered a safe and preferred place to store jewels, stock certificates, deeds and other valuables. While most banks offer such a facility, the locker size, annual rent, deposit required, time period and provision for refund differs for various banks. As you can see in the table below Private Banks like HSBC charge […] Continue reading →

Dry Day in Delhi – Jan 2013

Dry Day in Delhi - Jan 2013 Department of Excise, Entertainment and Luxury Tax has declared following days on January 2013 in Delhi as Dry day. Dry days are days when you cannot buy alcoholic drinks. January 25, 2013 (Friday) – ID E Milad January 26, 2013 (Saturday) – Republic Day All liquor shops would be closed in Delhi on above two […] Continue reading →