Get Rs 1,000 for Downloading OYO Rooms App

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How to get Rs 1,000 for Downloading OYO Rooms App?

  1. Download OYO Rooms App from Google Playstore
  2. While signing up Use Referral Code – AMIT-HWGESR
  3. You’ll get Rs 1,000 as OYO Money which can be used to book OYO Rooms
  4. Offer valid till August 16, 2015

You can read the detailed review below


With a slew of online startups, Indian consumers are spoilt with freebies and discounted products & services. Be it Paytm, foodpanda or Uber everyone is discounting their services heavily in order to attract customers to try their services.

Joining to the above list is OYO Rooms, a startup catering to budget hotels. We got opportunity to try out OYO rooms in a recent weekend trip to Jaipur. And all I would say, it was very pleasant and value for money experience.

How to book Rooms?

OYO Rooms Coupon Code
OYO Rooms Coupon Code

You can install Oyo Rooms app in your mobile or book through their website. I found the app more useful especially if you’re looking for hotel while you are roaming around in a new city. It tells you the nearest hotels around and has also integrates Google Maps, Zomato and Ola apps with it. So once you book your hotel, it automatically gives you direction to it and also can book Ola cabs.

The good thing is there are lot of actual pictures of the hotel and the rooms, so selection becomes relatively easier.

Price and Payment?

The price starts from Rs 999 in most of the cities. Also to encourage customers I always find 20% off coupons or 100% cash back.

The other good thing is you need not pay while booking. You can actually go to the hotel check your room and then pay for it. We did the same as we were using the service for the first time.


The above price included one night stay along with complimentary breakfast and free wi-fi.

Referral Code?

The best past is referral codes. You can refer your friends and get Rs 200 as OYO money while your friend gets Rs 500 to try their service. This OYO money can be used in your next booking.

Friendship day offer:

In case you refer your friends today, the referral rewards are 2X. Your friend would get Rs 1000 for installing the app while Rs you would get Rs 400. This is valid till August 16, 2015.

This Rs 1000 can for sure give one night of free stay at OYO Rooms.

The maximum you can get through Referral is Rs 5,000. Once I exhaust that I would put your referral on request 🙂

My Referral code is: AMIT-HWGESR

City OYO Rooms Operate:

They operate in more than 70 cities and expanding. In case you plan to visit any of these cities and take budget hotels, OYO rooms is must try.

OYO Rooms Cilites List
OYO Rooms Cites List

I hope this post would make your holidays even more pleasant and value for money.

Have you used OYO rooms before and how was your experience?

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