Which is the Best Credit Card in India?

In a recent survey named “The Total Customer Satisfaction Survey” by MaRs in association with the Hindustan Times, American Express turned out to be the best credit card in terms of customer satisfaction.

The survey, carried out in 12 cities across India, reflects the responses of just under 3,000 credit card holders who rated their experiences on a variety of topics, including benefits and services, rewards and redemption, and billing.

The maximum possible score was 1,000.

Top 4 Multinational Bank Credit Cards

  1. American Express – 796
  2. Citibank – 767
  3. HSBC – 753
  4. Standard Chartered – 715

Top 5 Domestic Bank Credit Cards

  1. HDFC Bank – 762
  2. ICICI Bank – 753
  3. Bank of Baroda – 744
  4. Kotak Mahindra – 737
  5. Axis Bank – 736

I have personally used both American Express and Citibank and I would agree with the survey results.

I had once applied for Standard Chartered card online and there was no follow up from their side for collecting documents for almost three months. I really don’t want to go with a company which has such slow customer acquisition process. Imagine the customer care and complaint resolution speed then.

How about you? Which is your preferred card and why?

7 thoughts on “Which is the Best Credit Card in India?”

  1. Completely agree. From MNC’s I have Amex, CITI and HSBC. Amex is best i have got 10.5K INR worth cashback in 9 months. CITI is ok but cashback are slow, they take almost 90 days. But Citi has good offers on Big Basket and Duty Free Shopping in Mumbai Airport. HSBC is clear Third, after the initial cashback of 3.5 K nothing much on this card. On StanC i have a bank account but their credit card has nothing to offer so never took it even after multiple sales pitches

    On other note, Amazon ICICI card is simply magnificent (I am frequesnt user of Amazon pay and shopping)

  2. I like Ciitbank as they have a lot of cards to choose from. I like their cash back card the most as they give 5% cash back for utility bills payment.

    1. I understand that you might have a bad experience with Credit cards. But you should understand that credit cards are like double edged sword. If you use it well it would save you money, give reward points but if you delay your payment or pay only min-due you are in for trouble.
      Be cautious and it would reward you back!

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