Pay Delhi Jal Board Water Bill Online in Delhi

Paying DJB Water bills had always been a big issue. The bill is generally a few hundreds but the time and effort it takes is worth much more. If you want to pay the bills yourself you have to wait in a long queue and if you are lucky to find some one who does it for you, you need to pay another Rs 100. Thankfully Delhi Jal Board has finally launched facility of paying bills online.

You can pay Delhi Jal Board bills by logging in either or

Other than this you can pay DJB bills through-

  1. E-Kiosks – You can use these kiosks at Delhi Jal Board Zonal Officers and other collection centers for collection of water bills through cash and cheque from 8 AM to 8 PM on all seven days of the week.
  2. Banks – DJB Bills can be paid at 353 branches of 6 banks and 91 Jeevan centers
Delhi Jal Board - Pay water bill online
Delhi Jal Board – Pay Water Bill Online

2 thoughts on “Pay Delhi Jal Board Water Bill Online in Delhi”

  1. What a relief! Last time it took me more than an hour to pay my bills on top of inconvenience of standing in a queue in Sarkai office!

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