12 thoughts on “9 Must Knows About Sukanya Samriddhi Account”

  1. I believe the minimum amount is reduced for this scheme. Kindly check and update your blog. Maybe you can write a new blog post just to list all these schemes in a table with common details like interest rate, min amount, max amount, exception etc.

  2. I have opened the Sukanya Samruddhi account in post office.How can I deposit regularly monthly online payment from my SBI Saving account.

    1. Online Investment to Sukanya Samriddhi Account is NOT possible if the account is in post office. However you might want to check with your post office. You can also shift your account from post office to SBI in case they provide online facility (I don’t think they still do but you can check)

  3. Good evening sir,

    I have a daughter, 3.5 years old, my father in law was opened the account in sukanya samriddhi yojana for her and he is depositing the amount in post office every month

    can i avail the tax exemption

  4. veer chandra prakash

    Sir..can be amount deposited in sukanya samriddhi yojana flexible every year…like 60000 in first year, 100000 in next year, 80000 next year, 150000 other year and so on?

      1. veer chandra prakash

        sir…heartily thanx for ur valueable reply….plz one more sir…my child was born on 16 Feb 2015..please advice me which will be best– either opening ssa account in post office or waiting for SBI bank to start ssa…n would like to know when SBI will start ssa…

        1. Bank should always be preferred over post-offices as banks are technologically more advanced. So going forward they would surely bring SSA under their internet banking platform like they did with PPF.

          In case of Post Offices I am not sure when they would be totally computerized.

          I don’t know if SBI has started opening SSA accounts, you must check in your neighboring branch. Also they would be right people to tell you when they can start SSA. My guess is they would for sure start with it in next 2-3 months.

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