JK Tyre & Industries Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme

JK_tyre_fixed_deposit_schemeJK Tyre & Industries Ltd. is an India-based company engaged in the business of manufacturing of automotive tires, tubes and flaps. The Company manufactures its products in five manufacturing centers in India, which include Banmore tyre plant, Madhya Pradesh; Vikrant tyre plant, Karnataka; Truck Radial plant, Karnataka, and Kankroli tyre plant, Rajasthan. The Company also consists of three manufacturing plants in Mexico. The Company’s products are marketed under the JK Tyre and Vikrant brands.

Features of JK Tyre & Industries Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme:

  • 0.50% additional Interest to senior citizen (above 60 years), employee, shareholders and person investing Rs. 5 lacs and above
  • Minimum amount of deposit: Rs 20,000 and thereafter in multiples of Rs 5,000

Rate of Interest Applicable W.E.F. 15th January 2011

 Period (Years) Scheme ‘A’ – (Non-Cumulative)Scheme ‘B’ – (Cumulative)
Rate of Interest per annum (%) Payable quarterlyRate of Interest Per Annum (%) Compounded QuarterlyMinimum Amount of Deposit ((Rs))Amount Payable on Maturity ((Rs))Effective yield per Annum (%)

You can get the complete details by downloading the form below.


Website: JK Tyre & Industries Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme

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