Amrit Corp. Limited Fixed Deposit Scheme

Company Profile: Amrit Corp. Limitedamrit_corp_limited_fixed_deposit_scheme

Amrit Corp. Limited,  formerly known as Amrit Banaspati Company Ltd., is the flagship holding company of the Amrit Group. It is a public limited company listed on the stock exchanges at Mumbai and Kanpur. Starting off in the year 1940, Amrit Corp. set up various businesses including edible oils, writing & printing paper, dairy milk & milk products, real estate and services to emerge as a diversified conglomerate.

Amrit Corp. is now into following activities:

  • UHT dairy milk, flavoured mik, dairy mixes and milk/milk based products
  • Real Estate i.e. development of residential township, commercial spaces and group housing complexes
  • Services i.e. corporate & strategic advisory services and BPO/back-office services to the Group Companies

Features and Benefits of Amrit Corp. Limited Fixed Deposit Scheme:

  • Minimum amount of deposit to be accepted is Rs. 5,000 and in multiple of Rs. 1,000 thereafter
  • Additional interest rate of 0.5% would be paid for Senior citizens and shareholders of the company (min 100 shares)
  • Income Tax will not be deducted upto interest Rs. 5,000 in a Financial Year
  • Nomination facility available
  • Premature withdrawal permissible as per the statutory guidelines and at the discretion of the company

Interest Rate of Amrit Corp. Limited Fixed Deposit Scheme:

Scheme A: Non-Cumulative Deposit Scheme (Interest Payable Quarterly)
Period (Years)Minimum Deposit Amount (Rs)Rate of Interest (p.a.)


Scheme B: Cumulative Deposit Scheme (Interest compounded quarterly)
Period (Years)Minimum Deposit Amount (Rs)Maturity Amount (Rs)Rate of Interest (p.a.)Effective Yield (p.a.)

Managers to the Scheme:

  1. Ajay Kapoor
  2. Das Investments
  3. R R Financial Consulatans Ltd
  4. Save ‘N’ Grow
  5. Singhal Portfolio Services (P) Ltd
  6. Time Capital

For more details download form here

Website: Amrit Corp. Limited Fixed Deposit Scheme

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