3 thoughts on “Kotak JIFI – Banking for the Hashtag Generation”

  1. I am prospective investor and was looking for some radical investment options. Can you suggest some? Recently heard about P2P lending and was thinking of investing some amount.

  2. This is somewhat similar to B2 account of ICICI Bank which is available for years:

    It’s branch-free digital banking, zero balance, no chequebook, no physical debit card but has virtual card as well as swap-in feature. You may want to compare it further.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for comparing but B2 from ICICI bank is quite different. Following are the drawbacks for B2:

        no ATM access or no debit card
        no physical statements
        no physical passbook
        limited branch access, no cheque book

      While the above JIFI is a full fledged bank account with Social Banking features

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