Ghaziabad Authority (GDA) Madhuban Bapudham Mutli-storey Residential Flats Scheme – 2013

Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) after launching Kaushambi Mini HIG Housing Scheme has launched Madhuban Bapudham Mutli-storey Residential Flats Scheme – 2013.

GDA Bapudham Scheme – Salient Features:

  1. No hidden charges like PLC, compulsory membership of the club and swimming pool
  2. Earthquake resistant RCC frame on 18m deep pile foundation
  3. Just 20 minutes drive from Delhi
  4. Area of units bigger than available in the market
  5. Fire fighting Arrangements
  6. Covered car parking for each flat is included in the cost
  7. Automatic lifts with power backup
  8. 100% and 24 hours power back-up
  9. 24 Hours water supply
  10. Nearby proposed RRT Station
  11. Provision made for
    • Gas Pipeline
    • Security
    • Club House/ Community Centre
    • ATM
  12. Maintainence
    • No Maintenance charges for 2 years
    • From 3rd year Maintenance would be managed by RWA

GDA Bapudham Scheme – Flat Details & Registration Money:

There are total of 528 flats – 2BHK and 3BHK+Study in this scheme. The table below shows the details.

GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme - Flat Details
GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme – Flat Details

GDA Bapudham Scheme – How to Apply?

  1. Application form can be obtained for Rs 1,100 from the bank branches listed below from January 7, 2013.
  2. Tee application duly signed, completed in all respect along with registration money should be submitted by February 28, 2012 in those bank branches.
  3. The application form can be also be downloaded from GDA Website. For downloaded application form an additional Rs. 1,100 will have to be paid and this form will be deposited at the designated bank branches.
  • Cost of Application Form: Rs 1,100
  • Form Available From: January 7, 2013
  • Last Date of Submitting Form: February 28, 2013

GDA Bapudham Scheme – List of Banks Financing the scheme:

Below is the list of banks where the GDA Madhuban Bapudham Mutli-storey Residential Flats Scheme – 2013 application form would be available. These banks would also finance the earnest money (registration money) for applying to the scheme.

GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme - Bank Forms Available
GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme – Banks Financing Earnest Money (Click to Enlarge)

GDA Bapudham Scheme – Location:

The Bapudham is on Meerut Road very near to the famous Raj Nagar Extension. Below is the location.

GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme - Location Map
GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme – Location Map

GDA Scheme: Why you should Apply?

  1. The scheme is from GDA, so you can be positive that the land and flat would be free of litigation and built as per GDA building laws. No problem of completion certificate or adverse surprises after you move in.
  2. The location is good – its bang on Meerut Road and also there is a proposed expressway to Delhi.
  3. There is proposed station for Rapid Transit System in the area.
  4. This is very close to Raj Nagar Extension which is an up-coming location in Ghaziabad.
  5. As this scheme is from GDA the entire project might be low density.

GDA Scheme: Why you should not Apply?

  1. Most of flats in Raj Nagar Extension is in the range of Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,300 (all inclusive). In GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme the flat cost is in the range of Rs 3,100 to Rs 3,200 per sq. ft. This price is on the higher side.
  2. You can get ready to move flats in Raj Nagar Ext. in the above price.
  3. Also Raj Nagar Ext. has few malls, schools etc and have ready to move options. All in all you need to compare this scheme with flats available in Raj Nagar Ext. before you decide to apply.
  4. As with most GDA schemes there are lot of reservations – almost 65% to 70% of flats are for different reserved category applicants. So general can apply for only 160- 180 flats. So even you are interested in these flats it might be hard to get them.

Here is the advertisement of the scheme:

GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme
GDA Madhuban Bapudham Scheme (Click to Enlarge)

12 thoughts on “Ghaziabad Authority (GDA) Madhuban Bapudham Mutli-storey Residential Flats Scheme – 2013”

  1. I have a 3 BHK with study 1870 sq ft flat at Madhuban Bapudham Ghaziabad for sale. If anyone is interested may call me on 9811537057. The property has very good prospects for those who wish to stay there and look forward to a clean place in Ghaziabad.

  2. How can i cancel my alloted madhuban babudham flat……where should i go to cancl this ….can any budy let me know the procedure and ofc location… its urgent

    1. You can subscribe to the daily newsletter for the site and all the posts automatically come to your inbox daily morning 🙂

    1. I am not aware of any GDA Housing scheme for April 2013. Are you referring to Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad LIG Flats Scheme by UPHDB, which is open now for Ghaziabad LIG Flats.

  3. I have got an allotment of GDA multistory flat at Madhuban Bapudham scheme 818. 3BHK Flat size 151 sqm (1627 sqft), total cost 48.3lacs including interest all inclusive like car parking, clubmembership, 2yrs maintenance etc.
    Please suggest the future prospect of this area & rental income after 3yrs.
    1. Is it worth investing in madhuban bapudham at this rate? How much return is expected after 1.5-3 yrs.
    2. How much per month rent is expected after 3 years.
    3. what is the future development plan of GDA in madhuban bapudham.
    4. Should be go ahead with this GDA allotment or go for cancellation.

    1. Congrats for the allotment!

      At this point Madhuban Bapudham as a location is competing with Raj Nagar Extension. The rate of 48.3 Lakhs seems ok to me provided the construction is good.

      If you try for similar flat in Raj Nagar Extension it might cost you Rs 40 – 45 lakhs depending on location and builder reputation.
      Also if you consider the flat density, Bapudham obviously has an upper hand. But then it might be lacking in power backup etc.

      As for any real estate is concerned, its almost impossible to predict the future rates. It would depend on the economy growth rate, job market and development around the area. As per GDA plans the area seems to come up well in future. But as you know GDA does not have a good history of implementing its plans efficiently.

      So the decision of keep the allotment should be based on the above factors. You might also want to think what would you do with the money in case you cancel this allotment.
      Would you invest in some other real estate, stocks or keep it in Fixed Deposit?

      Disclaimer: I am not a real estate expert and you might not want to base your opinion entirely on my advise.

  4. Agree with you the GDA 2013 scheme is on no use… GDA had launched similar schemes last year too and the response was not great

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