Download Useful Personal Finance Documets at
Download Useful Personal Finance Documents at

You can download Free useful Personal Finance related documents, Excel based Tax Calculators and much more…

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Income Tax Planning Presentations

Hate Taxes? Learn How you can Save Taxes Smartly! Download the 15 Minutes Guide

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Income Tax Calculators

How much taxes you need to pay? Download the Excel Calculator and calculate your Taxes

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More Useful Calculators

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Useful Documents/Templates

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  1. Dear sir, can u advise me regarding home loan that I have taken as a co-borrower & the house is purchased in the name of my wife. But total 100% EMI & down payments is given by me. In this case Can I get the tax benefits . The loan sanctioned in the April’16.

    1. You can get tax benefit only if the house in your name (jointly or singly) as tax benefit is for the owner of the house and not loan payer

  2. i enjoyed a lot surfing your website and articles. i didnt knew about 80g and etc other than 80c, 80ccc. i have invested a lot in SIP and mutual funds but never gained anything. can you guide me which SIP i should invest and mutual funds where i can earn good returns

  3. Hi ! Come across this wonderful site while googling for “Personal Finance Plng ” . Interesting.
    Can u suggest or pave a way, for, I have a grand daughter who is born in US. I wish to open a suitable mutual fund with good performance. In as much the baby is US born, I can not oen in her name directly myself being as ‘guardian’ . Hence, request you to suggest a mutual fund which in turn shall be useful to her @ 18 yrs. age or so.
    If not possible to open likewise, any other mutual fund, to serve MY PURPOSE. Thank you.

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