Women Day: FundsIndia to offer Gold coins to 5 Lucky Women who open a/c today


In a bid to encourage women to invest in Mutual Funds, Fundsindia.com has come out with a special promotion scheme for women on International Women’s Day. They would give out one gram gold coins to five lucky women who open an account today (March 8, 2013) and activate it by March 25, 2013.

I had written about them, when their service was new. The account opening process is free and simple. Once you activate your account, most of your mutual fund investments can be done online through this one account.

But keep in mind, by investing through fundsindia you would not get the benefit of investing directly in mutual funds. As per various media reports, Direct plans for equity mutual funds might give better return of 0.5% to 1% year on year. Though the difference does not appear significant in short term but would make a good difference in the long term.

So if you are ready to pay 0.5% to 1% of your return for your convenience, it makes sense to invest through fundsindia.

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