42 thoughts on “Which bank offers highest interest rate on savings account in India?

  1. Utkarsh Small Finance Bank is offering 7% interest rate on savings bank account across all segments.

  2. The interest rate for IDFC Bank is revised upwards. Please update

  3. Excellent ! Some banks are offering good interest rates on saving accounts. Very helpful article.

  4. Hi Amit, Very nice blog! Hat off to you for your efforts you put in preparing this long list.

  5. Sir can I get 80TTA-10000+10(15)i 3500/- post saving interest = 13500/-

    I have bank int -15000+ post office saving int 4500= 19500/-

    Can I take benefit of both??

  6. All banks interest rate are same below 4% below 1 lac deposit. DBS bank not available in all cities. I think sbi mod is best choice to invest money and get 6% interest.

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