What a Rupee can Buy?

Talk to anyone and you would find them inadvertently talking about “Inflation” and how the power of rupee is depreciating rapidly. How the household budget is going for a toss with ever increasing prices.

Economic times came out with a nice info graphic showing What a rupee can buy now and what it used to buy in good old days.

Early 1950s: A rupee could buy 3.5 Kg of rice or 500 gram of chicken or 0.5 meter of cotton cloths or travel to 50 Kms in a bus.

Early 1960s: Rice became expensive. Now you could only buy 1 kg rice in a rupee.

Early 1970s: Bus rides became expensive. In small town you could travel 19 Kms while in Mumbai you could travel 9 Kms. In Mumbai a rupee could buy you two Udupi thalis.

Early 1980s: A pack of non-filter cigarettes. In Kolkatta the tickets to the cheapest seats in cinema

Early 1990s: A local call from pay phone or get your weight from the weighing machines placed at railway stations.

And now these are the things you can buy in Rs. 1

  • Candy
  • Shampoo / Oil sachet
  • Photocopy
  • SMS
  • Sulabh Sauchalaya
  • Match boxes
  • And much more…
Enjoy the info graphic below. (Click on the image to enlarge)

what a rupee can buy

What did you buy last with the Rs. 1 coin?

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