4 thoughts on “How to Save Long Term Capital Gains Tax from Property?

  1. Ajay Ranade says:

    If the property is held jointly by Husband and Wife, can be split the LTCG equally between them? This will reduce some tax burden. Pls explain.

    • Yes you can split the capital gains among you based on share in property or share of contribution both have in purchasing it.


    I have sold my flat in sept. 2017 at Rs. 32 L, whereas i have purcahsed the same at 30.01 L in may 2013. Is there any form that i can availe the Loss of this long term investment.
    kindly help me in this at 8919459919

  3. Ananthakumar AS says:

    Kindly send one example for govt salaried employees tax caliculation.

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