Download Salary Certificate Format in Word, Excel & PDF

We have put out multiple salary certificate format in Word, Excel & PDF for you to download. Salary Certificate is an important document issued by employer on request. It generally has information like employee name, their annual salary details with deductions, designation among other things. These are mainly required for loans or many times for applying for Visa for some countries.

What is Salary Certificate?

As mentioned earlier Salary Certificate is document issued by the company on employee’s request with information regarding their salary and employment details. This certificate is a verification of employment and how much the employee earns. Salary Certificate is issued on company letterhead and signed by an authorized signatory from the company (generally from HR, administration or accounts department).

Salary Certificate Format in Word Excel and PDF
Salary Certificate Format in Word Excel and PDF

Annual Salary Certificate Format

There can be various salary certificate format and most companies have their own format. However, in case they don’t you can download the below and use it. The important thing is it should contain the following information:

  • Name of the employee
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Address
  • Date of joining
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Break-up of salary
    • List of all Allowances
    • List of all Deductions
  • Employment Status (Temporary or Permanent)
  • Authorized Signatory with Contact details

Always print Salary Certificate in Company’s letterhead. The letterhead should have the company’s address, phone number and email.

Annual salary certificate format in word

Based on the above information, you can download the salary certificate format in word from the link below.

How to Pay 0 Income Tax on Salary of Rs 20+ Lakh?

As you can see with the above income tax calculation, salary components and salary structure plays a very important role in how much income tax you pay. We have come up with some optimised salary structure using which you pay NO income tax even with CTC of more than Rs 20 Lakhs.

Annual salary certificate format in excel

you can download the salary certificate format in word from the link below.

Annual salary certificate format in PDF

you can download the salary certificate format in word from the link below.

Salary Certificate Sample

Below is the Salary Certificate Sample for your reference.

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This is to certify thatMr. / Mrs. [Employee Name]S/o / D/o / W/o Mr. [Father/Husband Name] residing at [Residential Address] having PAN No. [PAN Number] is a permanent employee of [Company Name] and is serving as [Designation] in [Department Name] department.  Currently he/she is drawing salary as per following breakup the month of [Month and/or Year]

Salary Certificate Format - Breakup

Date of birth                                                    : ———————————————————-

Date of joining in the present employment     : ———————————————————-

Present designation                                        : ———————————————————-

This certificate is issued to Mr. /Ms. [Employee Name] on his/her request.

For ——————————————————–

Signature and Designation of Officer Authorised by Company

Place:                                                                          Office Stamp:


Best Investment to Save Tax

Section 80C offers more than 10 investments where you can invest to save tax, However many a times you need not actually do this investment as its already covered due to expenses like children tuition fee or automatic EPF deduction for salaried. In case you are new to taxes and investment do read our helpful guide on How to take maximum advantage of Section 80C and choose the best investment to save tax.

How to request salary certificate?

Organisations have a standard process to issue salary certificate. Most big companies have online portal where you can fill up details and the salary certificate are generated online in few hours or days.

In case your company does not have a standard procedure, you can speak to the company HR, Accounts or Administrative department. You can also write the below application to request salary certificate.


HR Manager

[Company name] 

[Company Address]


Subject: Request to Issue Salary Certificate

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I [Employee Name], ID [Employee ID] is working with [Company Name] since [Date of Joining]. Currently I am working as [Designation] in [Department].

I am writing this letter to request salary certificate to be issued in my name mentioning the salary breakup along with other important details. I need this document to [mention purpose like Salary Certificate for Bank Loan].

I shall be highly obliged if the required document could be issued at the earliest possible.

Thanking you,

[Signature, Name & Contact Details]

Why do you need salary certificate?

Salary Certificate is needed mainly for two purpose:

  • Bank Loans including home loan, credit card, car loan, etc
  • While applying for Visa for some countries

You can use the above salary certificate for loan or for visa.

Tax Free Salary Components

There are components in salary which are fully or partially tax exempt. For example HRA is tax exempt if you satisfy certain conditions. You can have the complete list in the post: Must have Tax Free components in Salary.

Salary Certificate Format FAQs

✅ is salary certificate and form 16 same?

There is lot of similarity between information present in Form 16 and Salary Certificate. However both serve different purpose. Form 16 is more from Income Tax Perspective – it gives details of the Tax deducted and deposited with the income tax department. It also gives the breakup of salary details and all tax calculations.
Salary Certificate is generally one pager document which has details of your present salary and it proves that you are still employed with the company. This can be issued at anytime of the year but Form 16 can only be issued after the financial year closes. Hence most banks insist for salary certificate for loans as this is latest information and also verifies your employment status.

✅ Who can issue salary certificate?

Salary Certificate can be issued by your employer on your request. HR, Accounts or Administrative department are responsible for the same. There is also provision of online salary certificate generation in most large organisations.

✅ Who can sign salary certificate?

Salary Certificate is signed by a authorised Personal in the organisation. This could be your immediate leader or someone from the HR. Whoever signs the salary certificate has to mention his/her correct contact information.

✅ How to get salary certificate for government employees?

Some government employees can generate their salary certificate online through the internal employer portal. If not then you need to contact the HR department .

✅ How to get salary certificate after resignation?

At times you may require salary certificate after resignation from the company. You will have to speak to the HR, Accounts, Administrative department or your immediate ex-boss for the same and send them an application form to request salary certificate.

✅ How to get salary certificate for cash salary?

The process is same for salary certificate is same even if you receive the salary in cash. Send out an application form to request salary certificate to the relevant personal in HR, Accounts or Administrative department.

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