Property Tax in Delhi

Property Tax is payable on all lands and buildings within the jurisdiction of Delhi Municipal Corporation. There is no exemption for unauthorized/ unauthorized regularized/ resettlement/ JJ/ Slum colonies, urban and rural villages.

Who has to pay property tax?

The onus of paying Property tax is on the owner or the occupier of the property. All owners/occupiers of any land/ building are liable to pay the property tax and file the returns of self assessment every year.

Will MCD issue any notice for Property tax?

No, MCD does not issue any notice to the owner to inform about his property tax. MCD issues bill only in case of scrutiny and defaulter.

How to calculate property tax?


You can calculate property tax in two ways:

  1. Online: logon to and follow the instructions therein
  2. At property tax offices: Go to the MCD property tax office and fill up the property tax return form. The tax would be calculated automatically.

You can also check your dues online or at property tax offices to ensure that you have cleared all your dues.[/sociallocker]

Property Tax Rebate

The following property categories are entitled for Property Tax Rebate

  • Sr. Citizens – 30%
  • Women Owned – 30%
  • Physically Challenged – 30%
  • Ex-Servicemen – 30%
  • DDA/CGHS Residential – 10% up to 100sq.mts of Covered/Build up area
  • Group Housing Flats – 20% up to 30th June of Financial Year

Where to pay property tax?

You can pay property tax in three ways

  1. Epay at
  2. Through cheque/ Demand draft at branches of Axis Bank and HDFC Bank
  3. By cash up to Rs. 5,000 at property tax offices or up to any amount at ITZ Cash counter.

Due Dates for property tax payment:

With 15% rebate: Before June 30

With interest: March 31

Consequences of not paying property tax?

  1. Attachment of bank accounts and movable/ immovable properties
  2. Fine not less than 50% of the amount of tax evaded and
  3. Imprisonment up to 7 years

Here is the advertisement from North Delhi Municipal Corporation for Property Tax:

Property Tax in Delhi
Property Tax in Delhi

4 thoughts on “Property Tax in Delhi”

  1. MCD claims to have name of some defaulters of property tax and is showing a list of defaulters also on its web site.However even though the amounts liable to be paid are substantial .but no action seems to have been taken and to encourage the defaulters to pay their outstandings and to collect the amounts of arrears ,from time to time various rebates /schemes are offered to defaulters.This way the assessees who have paid their dues regularly in time ,feel cheated as ultimately the defaulters end up getting more benefits in terms of rebate as compared to house owners ,who have paid the dues in time.In view of same, Govt should consider giving more benefit/rebate to regular tax payers keeping in view their past record of payments in time.That may encourage the people who take the making of payment of tax lightly, to make the payments in time.

    1. Totally agree with you. Government should give incentive to pay regularly rather than giving escape route to defaulters. But as you know Government being government is highly inefficient!

  2. I have filed online for 2013-2012, but 2012-2011 and 2011-2012 is not paid. I don’t find any link on site to file the tax for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. Can you help?

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