Property Prices in Patna

Property Prices in Patna, Bihar       

Locality Rental* (Rs/Month) Purchase (Rs/sq ft) Plots (Rs/sq yard) 
Rajendra Nagar5,0007,5003,5004,70030,00065,000
Patna Bypass2,5004,5002,0003,00015,00022,000
Jai Prakash nagar2,5004,0002,0003,20015,00027,000
Boring Road5,0008,5003,5006,00030,00095,000
New Pataliputra Colony4,0006,0003,0004,50020,00040,000
Bailey Road3,0005,5003,0006,00020,00065,000
Saguna More3,0004,0002,0003,00010,00022,000
Dak Bungla Road7,00011,0003,5006,40040,00085,000

* Apartment Rental for 2BHK (750 – 1,100 sq ft) flats   ||   Source: Economic Times

As seen from the table above, Boring Road seems to be the most premium locality while in Saguna More seems to be most affordable in Patna!

The property prices have gone up in Patna in last three years due to following reasons:

  • Improvement in law and order situation
  • Creation of job which has lead to increase in purchasing power of people
  • Many prominent companies and showrooms are setting up shops in various parts of the city leading to a boost in commercial and residential rental value
  • Large scale projects have been launched in the suburbs and are likely to be completed in the next four years

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