PNB Housing Finance Ltd Deposit Schemes – August 2012 Review

PNB Housing Finance Ltd. was incorporated in 1988 and operates as a subsidiary of Punjab National Bank. It is based in New Delhi, India with branches in all major cities in India. PNB Housing Finance, Ltd. offers loans for purchase/construction of property, flat, houses, and apartments to resident Indians and NRIs.

Features and Benefits of PNB Housing Finance Ltd Deposit Schemes:

  • FAA+ rating by CRISIL, which means High safety
  • No tax to be deducted at source on interest income upto Rs. 5,000/- in a financial year
  • Loan facility up to 75% of deposit available from all branches of the company and also of Punjab National Bank
  • Encashment of cheques in respect of interest and repayment of deposits AT PAR by selected branches of PNB
  • Premature cancellation allowed after 3 months on the discretion of the company
  • Nomination Facility available as per NHB guidelines
  • The interest would be payable half yearly for Regular Payout FD and would be compounded half yearly in case of cumulative option.
  • Minimum Amount – Rs. 20,000 for Cumulative option and Rs. 10,000 for regular interest payout
Period (Months)Interest RatesYield for Cumulative Option
12 and 24 Months9.50%9.73% & 10.20% respectively
36, 48 and 60 Months9.75%11.02%, 11.58% & 12.19% respectively
72 and 84 Months9.50%12.42% & 13.07% respectively

Interest rate for Senior citizens age above 60 years (as on day of deposit) and PNB Housing Staff shall be at 0.50% higher than above rates.

Premature Withdrawal:

The deposit can be withdrawn prematurely only after completion of 3 months. Below table shows the penalty for withdrawal

Up to 3 months from date of depositCannot withdraw
3 – 6 MonthsNo Interest would be payable
6 – 12 months3% less than the interest rate prescribed
After 12 months but before maturity2% less than the interest rate prescribed

Should you Invest?

PNB Housing Finance Ltd is offering competitive interest rates to banks for higher maturity duration of 3 Years or more. As far as banks are concerned they are offering less than 9.3% for FDs of 3 years or more, which is expected to go down further as in case of SBI. On the safety of capital  front, being a Government owned organization, its completely safe. It makes sense to look to PNB Housing as an option for higher tenure deposits. The staff of PNB Housing should obviously go for it due to extra 0.5% interest offered.

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pnb housing deposit scheme August 2012
PNB Housing Deposit Scheme – August 2012

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