PC Jeweller: Jewels for Less Scheme Review

You must have noticed P C Jeweller’s Jewels for Less Scheme. This is one of the gold saving schemes which with sharp increase in Gold prices have become very popular both with jewellers and their customers.

PC Jeweller - Jewels for Less

Highlights of the Scheme:

  • Can pay in advance through installments
  • Can pay for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 36 month
  • A grace period of the one week is given for deposits

Returns from the Scheme:

You need to pay 12 installments while PC Jeweller pays the next two installments. So if you have invested Rs. 1,000 per month for 12 months, PC Jeweller would pay 2 installments of Rs. 1,000.  You can buy gold and diamond jewellery from PC Jeweller for an amount equivalent to 14 instalments, immediately after paying the 12th instalment . In terms of returns this comes to more than 25% per annum. 

Don’t be exited on 25% returns as this is just a nominal return. You cannot encash this and can only buy jewelry from PC Jeweller. The brand has 24 showrooms in 8 states of India.

Should you go for Jewels for Less Scheme?

This is good scheme if you need to purchase jewelry in next 1 year on account of following:

  • The bonus amount is good and better than Tanishq.
  • You need not wait for one/two extra months after completion of your instalments as in case of most jewelers.
  • They are big jewellers, so you might get good choice of jewelry while actually purchasing the same.

I would recommend to first visit the actual store where you want to start the Jewels for Less Scheme and check out all the terms & conditions carefully. Also you can have a look on the kind of jewelry on offer under this scheme.

But always keep in mind that the best way to invest in Gold is through Gold ETF, Gold Mutual Fund or e-gold. They are better in terms terms of taxation, safety and convenience.

Website with scheme details: PC Jeweller

9 thoughts on “PC Jeweller: Jewels for Less Scheme Review”

  1. HI , can i pay for 4 month advance in one go. Like i my olan is 3000 for every month, so can i pay for 4 month in afvance by online in JFL payment?

  2. it’s a really very good sheme for buying a jewellery but here a one confusion how can i open my a/c please tell me procedure

  3. Thanks for the information. But if you know, are there any other schemes provided by other jewelry brands in Delhi ? Or can we buy the jewelry before 12 months through that amount?

    1. As I have stated in the post you need not wait for 12 months. You can pay all the installment at a time and get the bonus benefit.

      The other big jeweler is – Tanishq but the bonus component of PC is better.

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