Should you Choose to be Employee or Independent Consultant from Taxation Perspective?

Employee Vs Consultant - The Tax Angle Few people while taking up a new job have the flexibility to work as an employee or independent consultant (also known as contractor or freelancer). If planned properly consultants have lower tax outgo for the same CTC (Cost to company). With Budget 2016 introducing presumptive taxation for some professionals like legal, medical accountancy, architect, IT […] Continue reading →

9.75% JM Financial Credit Solutions Limited NCD – May/June’18 – Should you Invest?

JM Financial Credit Solutions Limited NCD - May 18 JM Financial Credit Solutions Limited has come out with public issue of non-convertible debentures (NCD) offering up to 9.75% interest rate. The issue opens on May 28 and closes on June 20, 2018. JM Financial Credit Solutions Limited, a venture between JM Financial Limited holding 50.01% and INH Mauritius holding 48.62% is a non-banking finance company […] Continue reading →