Name Mismatch in Aadhaar & PAN – Now you can Link both easily

Name Mismatch in Aadhaar and PAN – Now you can Link both easily
Name Mismatch in Aadhaar and PAN – Now you can Link both easily

The government of India has made it mandatory to link your PAN card with Aadhaar Number. In case you do not do so by July 1, 2017 your PAN card would be invalid, which means you might not be able to file your tax returns. We had already written about How to link your PAN & Aadhaar if there was NO mismatch between the same. However there was linking issue in case the names did not match on PAN & Aadhar. Recently Income Tax Website has changed the linking form – so that it works for name mismatch cases too. 

Step 1: Login to Income Tax efiling Website

Step 2: Select Profile Settings > Link Aadhaar

Link Aadhaar to PAN on Income Tax efiling Website
Link Aadhaar to PAN on Income Tax efiling Website

You get the below screen where you can fill in your Aadhaar Number and Name and submit “Link Aadhaar”

Link PAN to Aadhaar - Instructions and Form - Works even with Name difference in two
Link PAN to Aadhaar – Instructions and Form – Works even with Name difference in two

This would enable everyone with name mismatch to link there PAN card to Aadhaar number. However if you have problem with Date of Birth/gender mismatch you need to get it corrected in aadhaar/PAN.


Once this is done you would get an acknowledgement of the same as in the screen below.

Link PAN to Aadhaar - Acknowledgement Screen
Link PAN to Aadhaar – Acknowledgement Screen

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Please ensure the Date of Birth; Gender & Aadhaar Number is as per Aadhaar details

If Name as per Aadhaar is not exactly matched then user has to additionally provide Aadhaar OTP or EVC to proceed with partial name match.

Once Aadhaar-PAN linking is completed, you can e-Verify your return using Aadhaar, if your mobile is registered with Aadhaar.

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Method 2: without login in income tax website

You can also link your PAN & Aadhaar without login in income tax website. Click here to go to the relevant page.

You’ll get the form below. Fill and submit it.

Link PAN to Aadhaar without logging to Income Tax Website
Link PAN to Aadhaar without logging to Income Tax Website

Method 3: Using SMS

Try linking PAN & Aadhaar using SMS as stated below

SMS to Link Your PAN Number to Aadhaar
SMS to Link Your PAN Number to Aadhaar

Some Issues:

At times some people are getting message “Technical Error at UIDAI. Please try again”. This may be due to overload on UADAI server. You can try after some time and you should be able to link your PAN to Aadhaar.

74 thoughts on “Name Mismatch in Aadhaar & PAN – Now you can Link both easily”

  1. my name in aadhaar was as ACHAMMA and in pan card it was ACHAMMA KURIAN . I have coorected my aadhaar card yesterday .but its not linking, its says there is some mismatch. why is that so.

    1. Try after some days. Generally it takes time to update in database from where it looks up for PAN details. This is what I have come to know from other readers!

  2. I have a name mismatch with Pan.. but unable to use the OTP option as mentioned. Kindly advise if the OTP (not sure where it is shown) option is for partial name mismatch. For your reference: My PAN Name: P GOWRI, Aadhar Name: Gouri Picharaman (when translated from regional to English there is a typo) and I’m unable to link.

  3. My maiden name is there in the PAN Card. And in Aadhaar it just first name followed by W/o Husband name. All my other document like Passport, voters ID everything is like Name + Husband name.Please let me know where exactly i have to make changes.

  4. I have mistakenly mentioned my mother’s name in the form while linking my brother’s PAN and Aadhaar Card. Now I am not able to do the changes as it states “Your PAN is already linked to the given Aadhaar number”. How to rectify it?

  5. It is also hearsay that you need to link Adhar with your land title deeds. A common issue here is that the address in title deeds executed before marriage of women may differ from that in adhar card obtained after their marriage. There are other circumstances also for such a status. How is this going to affect. Then has this linking been made mandatory yet?

    1. These are just speculations as of now. In case the government goes ahead with the linkage of aadhaar it will for sure look on how to solve for name changes etc.

  6. I tried and data of pan nd adhar card is same no difference but till error msg show what to do now
    Please guide me

  7. I am unable to link PAN with AADHAAR as the error message says “Enter Valid 12 digit AADHAAR No.”
    I have also checked up in UIDAI portal, my Aadhaar no. exists. But still, why am I getting such a msg ?

  8. Before getting married I got pan card my parent initial used after getting married my aadhar card initial used my husband now how can I link aadhaar and pan

  9. IBOEHS course in Kerala

    I tired without login. The issue I have is in my Aadhar card my initial is not updated but in PAN my name is followed by initial. I tried linking aadhar but due to data mis match it got rejected. Kindly let me know if their is any other procedure for linking.

    1. Don’t worry – you can simply fill aadhaar while filing your returns. It will get linked from there. There is NO official confirmation for the same but strictly my opinion.

  10. every thing good but when i tried to link it it shows name mismatch error nothing like otp or EVC option direactly said to update pan card or Adhar card option why i am not giving right otp option for your information i have only name mistake nothing else Like sunil instead of suneel

  11. Hi ,

    I have the sur name and middle name different in both PAN and adhar card .


    I am still getting error of NAME MISMATCH ?

  12. Dear Sir,

    My mothers DOB in the pan and aadhar are different. Can you please suggest how do i get the two linked in this situation

  13. Name, gender and DOB on both Aadhaar and Pan card are perfectly matching however, I’m unable to link it on the Incometax site and kept getting the ‘linking failed’ message. I tried on firefox and chrome browsers and both gave the same error message. Kindly help!

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