Lowest Home Loan Rates from SBI

With the recent policy rate cuts from Reserve Bank of India (RBI), State bank of India (SBI) has cut its home loan rates by 0.05%. This has made SBI home loan cheapest in the market.

The new Home Loan rates from SBI are 9.95% for Loans below 30 lakh and 10.10% for loans of more than Rs. 30 lakh.

Below is the table showing the new EMI per lakh of loan.

Loan Tenure (Years)Loan upto 30 lakhLoan above 30 lakh
EMI per Lakh

In case you are paying more for your Home Loan, it makes sense to switch to SBI.

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Here is the advertisement from SBI:

SBI Home Loan - cheapest Home Loan
SBI Home Loan – Cheapest Home Loan

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    1. I think this is SBI’s business model. Keep the rates lowest and customers would find a way to get through the bureaucratic system. But if SBI becomes more friendly it would make life difficult for competition!

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