LIC warning against fraud calls from LIC and IRDA

There have been reports of new ways of misselling by posing as LIC employee/ agent or Officers calling from IRDA. We have covered one such instance here. LIC has issued an advertisement drawing attention of policy holders towards this menace of misselling.

Here is the advertisement:

LIC warning against fraud calls from LIC and IRDA
LIC warning against fraud calls from LIC and IRDA

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  1. I got call from this +91 11 143 11440 number also .He has my all policy details and asking about bonus.

    first i confirm the details i wonder he has my policy details like DOB, policy number,amount, etc.

    When i refused then he told me you are finished. told me that (MAI TO BARWAD KAR DUNGA, ROAD PE LA DUNGA.)

    I am very scared please told me what they can do with that details.

    1. If you believe him just contact your local LIC office and report this call. I am just amused the way these calls have become from cheating to threatening!

  2. Fraud Call posing as LIC office – 011 66252300
    Hi ,

    Got a call from Delhi 011 66252300 ([email protected]) that from the company i got a dividend . When asled about the tracking numer for the dividend file, they said they cannot disclouse.
    He asked me about whether is agent is relative or outside person.
    Once the dividend is cancelled, 40% of the amount goes to the aganet and 60% of the amount will go back to the company.

    I told him that i was in contact with my agent and will get the details from him.

    So, be alert. Do not provide any information of pan,aadhar card number,house address or mobile details.They will generate a duplicate of these things and can be misused for ex: by taking credit cards, loans etc

    If you need any information regarding your policy , get in touch with LIC department directly.

    Satya Aditham

  3. I got a call from 01166151900 and 9069395066 on 23/04/2016. The caller introduced herself as Verification officer from LIC head office, Delhi. She said I had an outstanding bonus of 1,12, 850 on my money back policy and why it was not claimed and today is the last day. The bonus amount according to them was of investment made in Exide company (Document signed by me) by LIC. When I said that I had no idea, she said that my agent has deliberately done this, so that he can have my bonus amount. So to claim it they asked me to take policy of 25000 from Exide Life Insurance and give them the application no. The Exide policy according to them can be cancelled after I get my bonus claim and I will get full refund of the policy. I got a call from one person claiming to be employee of Exide Life Insurance but I asked him about his office address, so that I can visit but he was reluctant to give and insisted on that he will visit me and take the documents. And to my surprise I even got a call from Exide Life Insurance next day.

    I was surprised the lady claiming to be LIC officer was having my policy no and DOB. I am concerned how she got this details and will it cause any harm if they have my above details.

    I request you to please look into the matter.

    Thanks and Regards,


    1. You should inform LIC about the same. Also there is some insider hand and usually these fraudulent callers do have some data about you, else they would not be able to fool people. And thanks for sharing the phone numbers as more and more people would get aware of this.

  4. Hi,

    I got call on my landline phone stating my bonus from LIC policy is due, if I dont claim it will get deposted into agent account, and asked for my policy number and Date of Birth.

    Then they have given me the some file number and asked me the other person will call you and ask you the file number, please provide the same, then he will tell you the exact amount, also that person told me the amount and asked me if I can go ahead and cancel the agent code so that I can claim my bonus directly

    i have given him my Driving Licence no., Pan no., Name And DOB.
    Kindly assist me what should i do now?

    1. First thing is inform LIC. These are fraudulent calls. In most cases they would not be able to do anything and all they want is to sell you another policy or ask some money. Until you have not paid them you should be safe. But always give your personal information to genuine people only as it can be misused.

  5. Call from +91 11 4351 9150 for LIC bonus

    The person over the phone called me and asking for claiming of bonus which is going into agent’s account and asking details of which policy you have, what is amount of premium and how you are paying premium. For bonus when she asked for my details like DOB and I said I will check it myself first and if required then will go to local LIC office and if she want to help me then send details in email, then she got angry and hung up. Please be aware and I request LIC and other insurance company to spread the emails of such fake calls and protect their valuable customers.

  6. Since last 2/3days I was getting calls in the name of Lic, 1st day I simply refuse to give my policy no, but after that I installed True caller which showed lic Delhi regional office, so I a fool I gave my details of policy including my pan number. Pls suggest what to do take now

  7. the same story in my case. i already claimed and got the amount credited to my account. but still these people persists with us saying that still some dividend amount pending from the same policies without any shame from sweet tongued ladies/girls and finally we realise that we are being conned when they demand money from us to invest in devious schemes from dubious companies.

  8. Today I got a call from the number 1408394520. A young woman was speaking and she told me the same things (your claim is due etc. etc.). Like a fool I gave my policy no. to her (I was having high temperature at that time and was in a very mentally unstable state). I am worried now. Can she do any financial harm now with my policy no.? I too am wondering, how did she get all the details? Is LIC doing any secret investigation to find out which insider(s) are involved?

    1. There is for sure insider link in these scams. I don’t think any harm can be done by just knowing the Policy number. But if you are tensed I would suggest you to visit your nearest LIC office and speak to some senior person there and also file a complaint including the number you were called from.

  9. Recd a call from 9210736017 on Sunday claiming to be from LIC Head Office. Said we had a discussion two months back for a policy whose last day is today. when told that i do not have liquidity as of now to invest… i was told to give the documents and cheque with date of February 2016. But the same has to be processed now as there is a special 10% discount on the Premium for the 1st year.
    I was also directed to a website to check the details.
    There is a non verified website that has been made to mirror the original lic website . which can throw gullible people off track.

    When i mentioned the same and told that i do not have liquidity now, the phone was disconnected.

    Please beware of such fraudulent calls

  10. Hi,
    I got call on my mobile from phone No(120 4780600)stating my bonus from LIC policy is due, if I dont claim it will get deposted into GOVT account, and asked for my policy number and Date of Birth.

    Then they have given me the some file number and asked me the other person will call you and ask you the file number, please provide the same, then he will tell you the exact amount, also that person told me the amount and asked me if I can go ahead and cancel the agent code so that I can claim my bonus directly. Need assistance


    1. This is fraud call. No insurance company can deposit your rightful bonus amount to any Government account. Just tell the caller to mind his own business. Also sooner or later they would tell you to deposit some money or cancel this policy or buy a new policy.

      I am sure you too doubted their intentions and so putting your comment here. Just ignore such call or go ahead and file a complaint.

    2. Also if you look the number given by you in Truecaller, it’s listed as Reliance Life Insurance, Ghaziabad and is marked spam by a lot of people.

  11. We recieved a call from one Vikas who gave full details of our policy number and the name of the policy holder saying that ihe last day to collect our dividend was that day and we needed to withdraw immediatley else the money wll go to LIC agent 50% and LIC regional office 50% and he will help us get the money within next day and asked us for bank details and IFSC code etc where we want it transferred but the funniest was he asked us for our bank passoword.. Luckily being Govt servants we knew no agencies can take our rightful amount just within 3 months. Our surprise is how did they get all details. Is your system hacked or do u have an inside source aiding these people by providing all these details . have you investigated into these. Getting our policy number and details of the policy holder is a surprise. We immediatley contacted our agent who said not to give the details and it was fraud

  12. Received a similar call today, 21/01/2015 from one Priya Sharma m no. 08587938653. Hope LIC makes a note of this and takes some action.

  13. Yesterday I received a call from number +917042984837 and the lady from other end in her fluent and confident accent told me that she is calling from LIC head office, and without loosing any time in between she throw her fishing hook towards me by asking,
    “आपका XXXXXXXX Policy का बोनस अभी तक आपने क्लेम क्यू नही किया? अगर आपने क्लेम नही किया तो ये सारा पैसा आपका एजंट खा जायेगा”
    For a moment I came into her words and asked what do I need to do to claim the bonus amount. And she took me to next stage of her conversation,
    “Just give me all your details and I will process it right away and send this check to you”
    Thank god I didn’t give details as I thought, LIC never made such calls in the past to pay me bonus. But I was stunned to know how the lady got my number and know that I hold one particular policy.
    We got to be really careful. Posting it here for awareness.

  14. I had a long term LIC endowment plan and after reading various blogs, I realized that I was sold the wrong product. I complained about the agent to LIC branch office. After a few days I got a call saying that I can change my insurance plan by payment of small fee. The person said he was calling from LIC complaint resolution center. On further finding I came to know that it was a hoax call and some agent was trying to mis-sell me further!

    God save from these agents!

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