LIC warning against fraud calls from LIC and IRDA

There have been reports of new ways of misselling by posing as LIC employee/ agent or Officers calling from IRDA. We have covered one such instance here. LIC has issued an advertisement drawing attention of policy holders towards this menace of misselling.

Here is the advertisement:

LIC warning against fraud calls from LIC and IRDA
LIC warning against fraud calls from LIC and IRDA

46 thoughts on “LIC warning against fraud calls from LIC and IRDA”

  1. Today I received a call from 9289900939 Name Suri. He claimed to be an LIC employee and talking about cashback and bonus. When I suspected him, he started all abusing language

    I request to kindly Arrest this bastard

  2. Hi,

    I got call on my landline phone stating my bonus from LIC policy is due, if I dont claim it will get deposted into agent account, and asked for my policy number and Date of Birth.

    i gave DOB.& find fishy with in seconds & gave incorrect PAN no & told policy no i dont know

  3. Some idiots claimng to be calling from LIC Head Office Delhi make calls to innocent people and try to loot them stating false promises of arranging bonus payment of some lakh rupees. Such people need to be tracked down and sent to lifetime imprisonment as these people don’t have guts to lead life on their won with honesty and integrity. One such guy holds the following number: 9555480340

    However hard they tried i never gave into their BS stories.

  4. I too got a call today from- 1143519100 and started asking to claim my bonus which will go to Agent’s account. Then I asked him to tell my policy number for which I have got bonus and he says he cannot disclose it and this is a verification call. So I asked him how is he going to verify when I have 4-5 policies with me. Then he asked me premium amount for all those policies, I gave him random figures of 5,10,15. Then he said its for the 15 one. Then I told him, I dont have my policy number now, will check online and he can call in some time.
    Then I checked the LIC website for any bonuses and how it can be claimed, then fell upon this page. Good I did not proceed on that call.

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