Invest in PFC Tax Free Secured Redeemable NCD

PFC Tax free NCD

PFC (Power Finance Corporation) has launched Tax Free Secured  NCD offering interest rate of 8.2% – 8.3% per annum. This is a good opprtunity to lock into such interest rates especially for people in highest tax bracket.

The interest of 8.3% per annum is equivalent of 12% pre tax interest rate for people in highest tax bracket which is higher than any of the banks fixed deposits offering.

Also the rating of PFC NCD is of “Highest Safety”, which makes it tempting to invest.

Click on the above poster to know the details of PFC Tax Free Secured Redeemable NCD

PFC is more small investor friendly as the minimum required for the same is Rs 10,000 while in case of NHAI its Rs 50,000

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