7 thoughts on “Interest Rates for Small Savings Schemes – Govt. of India”

  1. Dear Amit, you are doing a great job. Thanks. 1) Can you please tell me, since when has the interest on PO SSS become taxable? [I remember it was tax-free earlier.] 2) Is the deduction of 10,000 u/s 80TTA [introduced in budget 2012] available from FY 12-13 or FY 11-12 itself? 3) Is the rebate of 7,000 in PO SB joint a/c over and above the 10,000 of 80TTA? Or is it part of the 10,000?
    I could not find this info anywhere on the net, hence I turned to you. Thanks in advance.

  2. dear sir
    please let me know my saving account no 572406 post office mahwa teh.mahwa dit.dausa rajasthan. open in 2008 but intrest not including in my accounts.with any years.
    with regards thanks
    suresh kumar

    1. You would need to talk to the post office officers. In case they don’t solve the problem approach the higher up officials. You can also go to consumer court in case you are not satisfied and Post office is not solving your problem.

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