6 thoughts on “Interest on PPF, NSC, Post Office Deposits cut by 0.1% from April 2013”

  1. Sir, I’m planning to put 4.5 lac in MIS for 5 years, So i will received 3150 IRS per month, Now my Q is, If i make Recurring Deposit of IRS 3150 in post, Do i need to pay TEX on the same or not? Please reply me. thank you


    1. The money you receive from MIS is basically income from interest paid which is taxable as per your tax slab. Next after investing this MIS income in Recurring deposit, the interest you earn on Recurring deposit is also taxable as per your tax slab.

      1. Thank you Sir, Further to that i request you to suggest me how to invest so i can avoid the TEX, If you can suggest any Schemes.

  2. Hi,
    Is there any option to pay the monthly installments for recurring deposit scheme of Indian Post office online?

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