Income Tax Calculator for FY 2012-13 (Excel Download)

If you are wondering how much Income tax you would you save in next year 2012-13 post Budget 2012, here is a calculator for you in excel format.

Below is the Income Tax Slab for FY 2012-13. A significant difference is there is no more distinction between men and women as far as taxes are concerned.

Income tax 2012-13 slabs

Word of Cautions for using the Excel sheet:

  • Only Orange Cells are input cells.
  • Do not change any other cells as this may lead to Incorrect calculation.
  • Do not leave any orange cell blank. This may lead to incorrect calculation. Instead, enter 0

Limitations of the calculator:

  • This calculates Income tax only for people who have no losses/gains from House property or have a maximum of 1 House.
  • For details of Assumptions & Income tax rules followed for the calculator Read – Income Tax – Some Common Rules & Regulations
The previous version of Income Tax calculator FY 2012-13 had benefit of Infrastructure bond incorporated but as reported by major newspapers – Infra Bond benefit would no more be eligible for Income Tax exemption under section 80CCF. This change has now been incorporated in the below calculator.

Download Link:

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You can also download the Income Tax Calculator for FY 2013-14
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Also Download quick tips to save tax for FY 2013-14 by clicking link below:

[button link=”” color=”#0066FF” size=”4″ style=”1″ dark=”0″ radius=”auto” icon=”Download” target=”self”]Download Income Tax Calculator for FY 2013-14[/button]


Check out your Income tax for FY 2011-12!

The figure below shows the snapshot of Income Tax calculator FY 2012-13

Income tax 2012-13 calculator excel sheet

Disclaimer: I am not a tax consultant. I have tried to incorporate all the Income tax rules & regulations best known to me. Its always advisable to consult an expert or a tax consultant to cross verify your tax liability.

47 thoughts on “Income Tax Calculator for FY 2012-13 (Excel Download)”

  1. your tax calculator give incorrect result for AY 12-13…

    My Salary income is 150,000/- only and other income 300,000/- but when I put this amount tax shown nil liability. how is it possible…..
    your Income form other source is not working properly.

    plz correct this…….

  2. I see that in the example above the guy has a housing loan and is getting HRA exemption as well. I have a housing Loan but i stay in the same place. Is there a way to get HRA benefits ? Thank you.

  3. I am Muthu Row, My monthly earnig is arround 2 Lks i want to know How to Calculate your income tax and How to reduce it… Pls give some valuable suggestion

    1. You can download the excel sheet above and follow step by step instructions to calculate your tax liability. As for the Tax saving is concerned follow this blog and click Save Tax in Tags.

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