IDFC Premier Equity Fund Opens for subscription – March 2012

IDFC Mutual Fund has announced the re-opening of IDFC Premier Equity Fund for new subscriptions, with effect from March 1, 2012. Units will be available at the applicable NAV.

Last time, it was opened on March 31, 2011.

IDFC Premier equity fund opens for subscription

So whats so great about it?

IDFC Premier Equity Fund is one of the best mid cap funds available in India. This fund has been recommended by almost all the “Best Mutual Fund” lists published by different Newspapers & magazines.

IDFC Premier Equity Fund Reviews:

Hindu Business Line Review:

IDFC Premier has been among the most consistent performers when it comes to beating the benchmark. On a rolling return basis, the fund has outperformed its index 90 per cent of the times in the last four years.

Curtailing excessive flows by closing the scheme for lump sum investments periodically and accepting regular inflows only through the SIP route has helped the fund plan its deployment. The fund also does not shy away from large caps that offer opportunities. Its exposure to some large-cap cement stocks over the course of the last one year is an example. Such occasional large-cap picks will also help easier deployment of funds. Investors will have to take the SIP route to invest in IDFC Premier Equity.

Economic Time Review:

Notwithstanding the fact that IDFC Premier Equity falls under the cadre of mid- and small-cap categories of schemes, its astute equity picks make the fund less vulnerable to this presumed high risk category. Investors with little risk potential can consider IDFC Premier Equity for investments. Investors may do well to consider a target investment period of 3-5 years as the companies sought by this scheme may take time to reap returns.

Outlook Money Review:

OLM Take Investors who want a growth kicker to their portfolio may go for this scheme through the systematic investment plan (SIP) route.

Value Research Online Review:

This fund has consistently outperformed its peers in all the five years of its existence.

Andrade has an interest in keeping the fund size small and preventing short-term money from flowing into the fund. Hence the periodic closure for fresh investments (though SIPs are ongoing). Depending on the valuations the fund manager decides when to open the scheme for subscription and on the collection of “manageable” corpus closes it.

It also features in Mint 50 Best Mutual Funds – 2012, OLM 50 among other lists.

What should you do?

If you are looking to invest in Mid cap Mutual Fund in lump sum probably this is a good opportunity. Go ahead and invest in IDFC Premier Equity Fund.

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