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  1. Nisha Pereira says:

    Dear Amit,

    From this FY I understand that Dividends are taxable. But Dividend pay out is not guaranteed. If my income from FDs is below the tax slab, but any dividend received may or may not take me above the tax slab, can I submit a 15 H?

  2. Piyal Bjhattacharya says:

    I have FD in three different banks and for which I have to submit 15H for three banks.
    1.For Box 15 should be the sum of all interest for all three deposits of 3 banks?
    2.for box 18 should I include the details of all FDs(other bank also) or only FDs of the corresponding bank?

  3. Hi,
    I ‘ve doubt in column 16 and 17.I’ve FD of 3,00,000.So in col. 16 i’ll put the interest amount (e.g.7% of 3,00,000=21,000).But I’ve confusion regarding col.17( which is Estimated total income).So what amount should I put ? since I dnt hv any other source of income.


    My wife earns interest income of amount Rs39000p.a. from her FD account. I have already filed her return on income for P.Y. 2018-19. I am filling 15g form with the bank, so that her income is not liable to TDS.

    I am unsure of the column 19 “Section under which tax is deductible”.

    Can you please help me in this regard.


  5. Can banks recover IT when the income from interest is declared as less than 3 lakhs for senior citizens even after 15H is furnished

    • No banks cannot deduct TDS if relevant forms are submitted. However there have been instances where banks have mistakenly done so. If TDS is deducted the only way to get it back is by filing income tax return.

  6. Goutam Sanyal says:

    I am submitting form 15H in 1st week of April 2018. What will be the PY (column no 4) ?

      • Goutam Sanyal says:

        1. Suppose I have a FD in a bank for Rs 1 lac @7.5% ROI. Its maturity date is 2nd Nov 2018. Will my ‘amount of income’ in column no 18 of form 15H be like this ?
        (1lac X7.5%)/12X8 (April18 to Nov18 = 8 months) = 5000
        2. Should I write this figure in column no 15 also?
        3. I have FDs in 3 different banks. Accordingly I have to submit 15H form to each bank. Hence total I have to submit 3 nos form in same time i.e in April 2018. What should I write in column no 17 ?
        4. Is Total interest of these 3 banks be mentioned in column no 16 ?

        • 1.yes
          3.write 3 with their aggregate amount
          4.est. total income would also include any other income like pension/rent along with other FDs

  7. HI AMIT,
    my question is suppose a pensioner is getting 30,000 Pension/month and he is having FD of RS 500000, whether he is eligible to file 15H?

    • Assuming you are senior citizen, If all your income for the year minus the tax exemptions (like 80TTB, 80C, 80D, etc) is less than Rs 3 lakhs then you are eligible for form 15H

  8. hello amit ,

    i want to fill 15H Form for my mom she is 61 yrs old ,i am stuck with the option that says estimated total income of the Previous year in which income mention in column 15 to be included ? what should i entered according to your given example , should i enter only a) FD interest amount (i.e 7000/-) or b) FD interest amount( 7000/- ) + mom pension
    if i go with option b) then overall amount is above 3.5 then what option should i choose ?
    and what does it means wheather assessed to tax in detail ?

    • You need to show all income so add pension income to it.

      15(a). Whether assessed to tax under the Income-tax Act, 1961. Yes or No – Mention ‘Yes‘ if you have filed income tax return in last 6 financial years.

      15(b). If yes, latest assessment year for which assessed – Mention the latest assessment year in which you filed your Income Tax return. (Assessment year is one year next to financial year For e.g. For FY 2018-19, the AY would be 2019-20)

    • Hi Parag,

      I am also facing the same issue as yours.
      Did you submit the 15H.

      Amits answer doesnt answer your query.

  9. pankaj sharma says:

    1. I have 3 FD in a bank. When giving the details of estimated income do i need to provide details of each of the FD amount and rate of interest?
    2. If am having joint account with my parents do i need to submit 15G form ? If yes, how will i provide the necessary information like estimated income, Total income etc.
    Please guide.

    • 1. Yes – just estimated income not all details
      2. In case of joint account, the tax liability is with first holder. In case your parents are first holder and they are eligible to submit Form 15, they should with their details.

  10. Chhavi Mobisoft says:

    I open e-STDR Tax Saving of 90000 in Feb 2018 My estimated income after deduction is Rs. 2,56,000. But if I consider for Rs.2500 tax reduction due to income less than Rs. 3,50,000 , my tax calculation is NIL.
    I Got Permanent And Get Salary This Year 2017-18 Before That I was at 9000 per month salary with temperary employee and never fill form 16.
    Should i File Form 15 G ?
    or When should i File 15 G In April First week or Current Month in Feb Plz Suggest.

  11. Hi
    I worked in a company from jan 2014 to jan 2016. Pf balanve is 90000. Currently i m not working, have savings bank ac with 7000 annual interest and dont have any other source of income .
    What should be filled in following columns of form 15 g
    4 .?
    16 ?
    17 ?
    19. ?
    It would be of great help if you could answer these questions .

  12. Pawan Solanki says:

    Dear Amit,

    Your prompt response will be highly appreciated

    As i served in 3 different company more than 5+ years from sept 2011 to April 2017. Now I want to withdrawal my PF. I have transferred my PF from last 2 company into current company and it is around 3Lac+. I have resigned now and working abroad since May 2017. Is I am eligible to fill form 15G and is my PF will be taxable or not. I will apply for PF withdrawal in FY 2017-2018 And what I will fill in form 15g point 4, 5,15,16,17,18.19
    Please help I am very confused

  13. How to fill column 15 16 and 17 in form 15H? What I get is that column 15 means the interest income from the branch fixed deposit say suppose “Rs. 7000” , column 16 the same amount is repeated i.e. “Rs. 7000” & in column 7 suppose I have submitted 3 15 H forms of amount Rs. 7000 each before this then the box amount would be 3 & 21000 respectively. Am I correct?

  14. My taxable income is rs. 290000. But calculated tax is 0 as 2500 tax rebate in 87A. Should I submit 15 g ?

  15. MALAY HALDER says:

    As per FY 2017-2018 , My estimated income after deduction is Rs. 2,90,000. But if I consider for Rs.2500 tax reduction due to income less than Rs. 3,50,000 , my tax calculation is NIL. Can I submit Form 15G?

    Your Advice is highly required.

    Thanks ,
    Malay Halder

  16. hi am sanjay and i want to withdrawl my pf i was in company from aug 2014 to july 2016 .in form 15 G which assessment year applicable for me .
    kindly guide as soon as possible

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