Submit FATCA Declaration for NPS (PRAN) Online

NPS subscribers have received email from NPS [email protected] on their registered email with Subject: “Online submission of FATCA Self-Certification for your PRAN under NPS”. Have reproduced the mail below.

NPS FATCA Online Self Declaration email
NPS FATCA Online Self Declaration email

What is FATCA?

FATCA is Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a law enacted by USA in 2010. According to this law, any individual who is resident of USA (citizens or green card holders) or financially connected to the US or have any tax residency in US have to declare all their foreign income and investment details to US Tax Authorities. The law was enacted to prevent tax evasion through offshore investments by US residents.

India is signatory of the above law and hence all the financial entities like Banks, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, Brokerages, etc have to furnish their client information to the Indian Government, which in turn would share it with US Government. In case you have no income connection with USA, you are not impacted but still need to give the declaration.

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How to Submit FATCA Self-Certification of NPS  Online?

Thankfully the process of FATCA Self-Certification is Online and simpler this time.

Below is the screenshot for step by step process.

Step 1: You can Login to NPS Site by clicking here or from the email you received.

Step 2: From the menu go to Transaction >> FATCA Self-Certification as shown below

NPS FATCA Online Menu
NPS FATCA Online Menu

Step 3: This will give you the Form below. The default values are already filled and in most cases ou’ll have to click Submit.

Kindly note, you are required to submit physical FATCA Self-certification form to your Nodal Office or CRA if your Birth Place, Citizenship and Residence for the Tax Purposes is other than India or you are US citizen.

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NPS FATCA Online Form
NPS FATCA Online Form

Step 4: On clicking Submit above you’ll get the “Declaration by Customers” below. Click Confirm

NPS FATCA Online Customer Declaration
NPS FATCA Online Customer Declaration

Step 5: A pop up is generated to enter the OTP sent on your registered mobile number. I got this OTP but was not able to proceed further due to server issues!

NPS FATCA Online OTP Screen
NPS FATCA Online OTP Screen

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 Step 6: Acknowledgement is generated  as below:

NPS FATCA Online Acknowledgement
NPS FATCA Online Acknowledgement

Hopefully the above step by step instructions would have helped you complete “Online submission of FATCA Self-Certification for your PRAN under NPS”

16 thoughts on “Submit FATCA Declaration for NPS (PRAN) Online”

  1. I was registering for NPS but got stuck in contact detail page where they ask for FATCA details. Now the problem is for FATCA i need PRAN and for PRAN i need FATCA. Please advice how do i complete my NPS registration?

  2. i am an indian resident trying to register for nps ??
    but stuck on FATCA details .. i have opted for US citizen no but still it demands to fill TIN etc .. what to do

    1. Yes its a badly designed form. Fill your PAN number in TIN details. Just click on each cell and it will tell you what to fill up

      1. ya true … badly designed
        it also demand a zip code of FATCA state …
        i have no option left but to fill up my city pin code

    2. Dr Tarkeshwar Nath

      I am registering on NPS for my mother but I am also stuck on FATCA details. I dont have any clue what to fill on these tabs. can any one tell me. I have filled PAN no as TIN no but what about Address,Validity,FATCA state,City and Zip code Kindly guide me. I have called to helpline(02240904242) no so many times but they don’t respond at all.

        1. Dr Tarkeshwar Nath

          Thanks a lot Mr Amit. But about Validity? FATCA is asking validity in DD/MM/YYYY format and we have validity of PAN as Active/Inactive only.

  3. आनलाईन फार्म भरने के बाद Acknowledgement number नोट करना भूल गया था, अब यह नंबर दुबारा कैसे मिल सकता है |

  4. Thank you. But what is the User ID and password for online submission? I have subscribed to APY scheme but I have not obtained any User ID or password.

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