Design Mascot for Income Tax Department and win Rs. 1 Lakh

Income Tax Department has come out with Mascot Design contest and offering Rs. 1 Lakh cash reward to the winners.

Criteria For Selection:

  • The Mascot should visually unify the vision and values that Income Tax Department wants to promote, such as:
    • Payment of tax as a value norm in the society and a core duty of every citizen.
    • Payment of tax as a contribution of citizen in Nation building and ensuring a better future for coming generations.
    • Depiction of Income Tax Department as an enforcement agency as well as a facilitator for voluntary tax compliance
    • Depiction of Income Tax Department as a friend to every honest taxpayer.
  • The design must be original, visually appealing and distinct. It must be easily adaptable to various means of communications.
  • Mascot can be sent in any pose, however, design in front, back and side views with colour schemes are preferred. Use different sheet of A4 size paper for different posture.
  • Design along with suggestions like size, pedestal details is welcome.
  • A brief concept note in support of the design may also be provided.
  • More than one design can be sent, however, each design must be sent separately, as a separate entry.

How to Submit Entries?

Entry can be sent in two ways:

1. By Post

Send your entry on an A4 size paper in an envelope superscribed as “Mascot Design for Income Tax Department” by ordinary post to Post Box No. 6005, New Delhi-110001.

Every entry must carry the entrant’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address on front or back of the ‘Mascot Design’ in BLOCK LETTERS.

2. By Email

Entry in high resolution JPEG format can be sent by email to [email protected]

The subject of the email must mention “Mascot Design for Income Tax Department” and the e-mail must contain the entrant’s name, address and phone number.

Last date for sending entries is September 23, 2012

You can get more details on the income tax website and the advertisement below.

Design Mascot Contest for Income Tax Department
Design Mascot Contest for Income Tax Department

Go ahead and unleash your creativity 🙂

26 thoughts on “Design Mascot for Income Tax Department and win Rs. 1 Lakh”

    1. Prof. Shubhanand Jog

      i really dont know….why they announce competitions…if they are not able to declare results on time…and promises to be kept…i am teaching in fine art college and took part in this competition along with my college students….these people aren’t bother to reply. when you enter any international comp. they always declare their full schedule…last date of submission….name of the juries….preliminary round’s selection…. and final date of results…. and felicitations….we all are indians and always have an attitude of chalta hai…. and that’s India…unfortunately …we all are indians.

      Prof. Shubhanand jog

  1. Sir, I have less knowledge regarding mascot designing but still I want to try for this.So,Plz let me know whether the design should be hand made or there is some computerized way of doing so.plz reply soon as few days are left.

    1. Dont send. Its fake. The IT Dept is sleeping. I also participated, never got any response. They have not even declared the winner..

  2. I had tried lots of time from my gmail account, yahoomail, rediffmail account, but mail wont delivered to the address you had specified it bounce back to my mail saying it is not delivered to the address u had provided, please check and provide a valid mail id please… my mail id is [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    phone: 9840760125… please confirm weather my mail was deliverd or not. If not delivered, please provide me a valid ID

  3. Helo sir, I had created the design and tried to send to your mail id, but it wont deliver to your mail id, and i tried from gmail,yahoo mail also its not delivering to the mail id you had provided.. If there is any other e-mail id to send the design please provide me…

    1. This is the email published by Income tax department. may be it would have been flooded by emails and thus filled its inbox. You should try again!

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