D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme

Company Profile: D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd

“D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd The Company was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 20th September, 1991, having its registered office at Pune. The Company was promoted by Mr D S Kulkarni, who is leading the DSK Group. The Group is reputed for quality construction.

  • Proven track record in the field of construction & real estate development
  • Profit making company, right from its inception
  • Public Ltd. company listed on National and Mumbai Stock Exchange
  • An ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified company
  • More than 25,000 satisfied depositors

Features and Benefits of D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme:

  • Minimum amount of deposit to be accepted is Rs. 25,000 and in multiple of Rs. 1,000 thereafter
  • The following shall be preferred depositors who shall be eligible for 0.50% additional interest on per annum basis over and above the basic rate – Shareholders, Flat holders, Employees of DSK Group, Persons above the age of 60 years, Armed Forces Personnel, Person investing Rs. 5 lac and above in single application
  • For non-cumulative option to be paid monthly or quarterly
  • For monthly option the payment would only be done through ECS
  • Depositors will get post dated cheques for interest as well as for principal amount
  • Income Tax will not be deducted upto interest Rs. 5,000 in a Financial Year
  • Nomination facility available
  • Premature withdrawal permissible as per the statutory guidelines

Interest Rate of D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme:

 Scheme B: Non-Cumulative Deposit Scheme (Interest Payable Monthly/Quarterly)
Interest rate p.a. for Public Depositors Interest rate p.a. for Preferred Depositors
Period (Months)Minimum Deposit (Rs)For ECSFor PDCFor ECSFor PDC
ECS = Electronic Clearing Service || PDC = Post Dated Cheques
 Scheme A: Cumulative Deposit Scheme for general investors (Interest compounded Quarterly)
 For ECS For PDC
Period (Months)Minimum Deposit Amount (Rs)Maturity Amount (Rs)Rate of Interest (p.a.)Effective Yield (p.a.)Maturity Amount (Rs)Rate of Interest (p.a.)Effective Yield (p.a.)
Scheme A: Cumulative Deposit Scheme for preferred investors (Interest compounded Quarterly)
 For ECS For PDC
Period (Months)Minimum Deposit Amount (Rs)Maturity Amount (Rs)Rate of Interest (p.a.)Effective Yield (p.a.)Maturity Amount (Rs)Rate of Interest (p.a.)Effective Yield (p.a.)

Website: D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme

5 thoughts on “D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme”

  1. Mrs Nikima Shrikant Diwan

    I support the forum.
    My name may be included in the victims list.
    Please communicate me in this matter.

    Mrs N S Diwan

  2. yes, all who have invested in DSK FDs are suffering, there is no commitment clarity of getting this money back. Currently, people are taking individual legal actions. They are not knowing each other, hence not able to unite. We are creating a forum to at least bring all those suffering together, so that we can take a joint legal action, which will carry a better weight. Can all those who are suffering due to this non payment of DSK FD money write their name / contact numbers to the email [email protected]? Thanks

    1. No need to share your investment details at this stage. We first at least bring together all those who are victims of this.

    1. Its not safe, investors in FD’s in DSK are facing issues in getting money back. The current situation in Dec-2016 is very bad. Please go to DSK office and see the investors reactions.

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