6 thoughts on “Best FCNR Deposit Rates for US Dollars – December 2018

  1. These are old rates. Please update. Thanks

  2. Good information.
    Is it possible to transfer FCNR from one bank to another?

  3. HI, IDFC Bank also offer FCNR Deposits in US$, GBP & Euro. Interest rate link is provided here. They have better interest rates in US% than almost all the banks. 3.75% & 3.8% for US$


  4. I have FCNR account in Bank of Baroda Andheri West. I am resident in South Africa. How do I close the account and how long does it take?

    • Please call BoB customer care for more information. If you have NRE account linked to the FCNR you can redeem it directly to the NRE account.

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