Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme

 ansal_API_Fixed_depositAnsal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme:

  • Interest on Deposits to be compounded monthly but will be payable quarterly on 30th June, 30th September, 31st December and 31st march subject to deduction of Tax at source, wherever applicable.
  • Additional Deposits will be accepted in multiple of Rs.1,000/- only.
  • Post dated interest cheques for each financial year will be sent in advance.
Scheme “A” Quarterly Income Deposit
PeriodMinimum Amount (Rs.)Rate of Interest (Per Annum)Yield (Per Annum)
1 Year1,00,00012.00%12.12%
2 Years1,00,00012.25%12.38%
3 Years1,00,00012.50%12.63%


Scheme”B” Cumulative Income Deposit
PeriodMinimum Amount (Rs.)Amount Repayable on MaturityRate of Interest (per annum)Yield (Per Annum)
6 Months50,00052,94511.50%11.78%
1 Year50,00056,34112.00%12.68%
2 Years50,00063,80212.25%13.80%
3 Years50,00072,60912.50%15.07%


Scheme “C” Monthly Income Deposit
PeriodMinimum Amount (Rs.)Rate of Interest (Per Annum)
1 Year1,00,00012.00%
2 Years1,00,00012.25%
3 Years1,00,00012.50%

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15 thoughts on “Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd Fixed Deposit Scheme”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I Mrs Smita Sahoo, the joint Ac Holder in FDR No-1077201, invested by my late mother-in-law Mrs Urmila Sahoo, would like to bring following few lines for your kind persual and necessary action.
    The said FDR was invested through your agent M/S Bajaj Capital, kolkata, who happens to be most idiots and cheats, and provide no service to their clients. The money was invested to help my mother-in-law at her old age requirement but she passed away with great difficulty for want of this money in 2015, but your agent M/S Bajaj Capital people had just harassed her.

    Again after her death we had submitted all relevant documents including the death certificate and my SBI Ac.details, so that the matured amt.should be transferred to my Ac as joint Ac holder. But when we saw the first cheque drawn on Axis bank bearing No-018849 dt.05-11-2016 for Rs 1,00,928/- favoring my late mother-in-law with her Ac details, we immediately contacted Bajaj Capital and submitted the same to them for required correction. Unfortunately the same has never returned back to us.
    But again I have received two cheques bearing No-023053, dtd.23-02-17 ( FDR No-5077201)for Rs 47,635/- and Ch.No-023023 dtd.01-01-2017 ( FDR No-5100271)for Rs 3367/-, both favoring my late mother-in-law with her Axis bank detail, which has been closed long back after her death.
    These cheques are like piece of paper for me, since it cant be credited to my Ac.
    Hence I sincerely request you to transfer/change all these instruments to my name and bank details: SMITA SAHOO, S.B.I, Dhakuria Branch, Kolkata-700031. S.B.Ac No- 30137823186, IFSC Code: SBIN0001405.
    Hope you will do the needful and I shall be obliged.
    Note: In this regard if you require any further help from my side please let me know or guide me so that the same can be resolved without killing time further.

    Thanks & Regard
    Jt.Holder with URMILA SAHOO
    FDR No-1077201

    Mail: [email protected]

  2. Ashwani kumar katna

    The company is adding insult to injury. The principal and interest is not being paid and depositors are to pay taxes on interest income withheld by the company.

      1. Sir how does one get FD money back from Ansals API – invested Rs 30000 already matured and int too not coing since long came thru cheque and principle went from obc bank . even Link at Mumbai has changed nos / e mail id etc / bajaj capital New Delhi just not bothered to help . Done thru Bajaj Capital New Delhi .
        Seems GOI is just interested in Votes/ Power nothing else . int incomes are a big source of livelihood

  3. I submitted my FD folio no 0070126 in march 2005 maturity smount 31901 through March Mirzapur UP branch three months have passed I could not get maturity amount. Neither any satisfactory reply about it May I get some information from your dide

    1. There are widespread complaints about Ansal failing to honor their FD principal and interest commitments. Some investors have filed complained against them. Search on internet and try to join any such group and take legal action

  4. thanks-Mr. Akash Gupta for enriching us.But pl.tell me is there any possibility to get maturity amount?/Since my mturity amount of about Rs.112000/ remained unpaid since 01-05-2014 .Kindly help me
    Nandita Banerjee

  5. The Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014
    I would like to draw your kind attention through under noted facts, to very important aspect of liquidity of existing fixed deposits accepted by the companies before April 01, 2014.
    1. With effect from April 01, 2014 as per Companies Act 2013, manufacturing and real estate companies cannot accept fresh deposits or renew existing deposits till they pass a resolution at Annual General Meeting, provide for security on fixed deposits and get rated before they can start collecting money from investors.
    2. The Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014, has come into force on the 1st day of April, 2014. According to new rules every company shall pay a penal rate of interest of eighteen per cent per annum for the overdue period in case of deposits, whether secured or unsecured, matured and claimed but remaining unpaid.

    3. The stringent rules, now make it tougher for the companies to raise money via fixed deposits. For your ready reference Section 74 is reproduced hereunder.
    Section 74: Repayment of deposits, etc., accepted before commencement of this Act. Provisions on repayment of deposits, etc., accepted before commencement of Companies Act, 2013 is reproduced below:
    74. (1) Where in respect of any deposit accepted by a company before the commencement of this Act, the amount of such deposit or part thereof or any interest due thereon remains unpaid on such commencement or becomes due at any time thereafter, the company shall—
    (a) file, within a period of three months from such commencement or from the date on which such payments, are due, with the Registrar a statement of all the deposits accepted by the company and sums remaining unpaid on such amount with the interest payable thereon along with the arrangements made for such repayment, notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force or under the terms and conditions subject to which the deposit was accepted or any scheme framed under any law; and

    (b) repay within one year from such commencement or from the date on which such payments are due, whichever is earlier.

    74. (2) The Tribunal may on an application made by the company, after considering the financial condition of the company, the amount of deposit or part thereof and the interest payable thereon and such other matters, allow further time as considered reasonable to the company to repay the deposit.

    74. (3) If a company fails to repay the deposit or part thereof or any interest thereon within the time specified in sub-section (1) or such further time as may be allowed by the Tribunal under sub-section (2), the company shall, in addition to the payment of the amount of deposit or part thereof and the interest due, be punishable with fine which shall not be less than one crore rupees but which may extend to ten crore rupees and every officer of the company who is in default shall be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to seven years or with fine which shall not be less than twenty-five lakh rupees but which may extend to two crore rupees, or with both.

    Section 74 (1) is brought to force from April 01, 2014. Where as Sub-sections (2) and (3) of Section 74 is not yet brought to force.

    4. The real problem with regard to liquidity lies in Sub-sections (2) and (3) of Section 74 which have not been brought to force. As most the companies have stopped paying fixed deposits of thousands of depositors and amount runs in to several thousands crores. While enacting this was not the intention of the Companies Act 2013.

    5. To quote a few companies such as Unitech Ltd., Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd. and Plethico Pharmaceutical Ltd. are withholding esimated thousand crores, Rs. One hundred crores and Rs. five hundred crores respectively accepted before April 01, 2014. They are neither paying principal amount of deposits which have already matured nor periodical interest. These companies are not replying to emails and even telephones are not being attended. One visit the site named how to recover money from these companies to view the plight of depositors.
    The depositors are treated worse than baggers.

    6. From the foregoing facts, these companies are more a going concern because it has blocked its resources in huge land bank, others unknown areas and sufficient resources are not available to operate indefinitely and to avoid any potential bankruptcy risks.

    7. Or these companies are earning more than eighteen percent on investment as have to pay interest at eighteen per cent per annum sooner or later. Thus they are concealing income through dubious accounting practicing.

    8. These Companies are wilful defaulters, having capacity to repay borrowed money but diverts funds for the purpose not envisaged.

    9. It has been noticed that aforementioned companies are not adhering to various laws of land. It is largely left to judiciary to come to people’s rescue. Depositors can’t wait indefinitely. They are entitled to their hard earned money. They can’t keep moving to the courts. Investors are often forced to enter in to protracted litigation due to company’s follies. Adopting zero tolerance approach Mr. Subrata Roy in jail since March 04, 2014.

    10. They have a battery of legal professionals and financial wizards to look after interest but who would look after the interest of fixed depositors and investors.

    11. Other option available with depositors to approach Consumer Courts, Civil Courts, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Company Law Board etc. which are time consuming.

    Trust you would understand the suffering of thousand of depositors and highlight the same in your esteemed news paper. I am also the sufferer.

    With regards,

    Surinder Kumar Gupta

    Email Id : [email protected]
    Mobile Nos. 9871181288 & 9650961180

  6. Duly discharged deposit Receipt No. 91905 favouring Akash Gupta – HUF for Rs.1,00,000/ having maturity value of Rs. 1,12,684/ was sent to you well in advance from the date of its maturity i.e. 18/06/2014, for making maturity payments.Mr. Naresh Gupta who had been promising that my money would be paid in full along with 18% interest for delayed period. It is largely left to judiciary to come to people’s rescue. Depositors can’t wait indefinitely. They are entitled to their hard earned money. They can’t keep moving to the courts. Investors are often forced to enter in to protracted litigation due to company’s follies.

  7. Panchal Ishvarlal J.

    My fixed deposit amount of Rs.145218 matured on 07.04.2014, but in spite of number of calls made to Mr. Naresh Gupta who had been promising that my money would be paid in full along with 18% interest for delayed period, I have not received my money which I urgently need for my wife’s medical treatments. Now Mr.Gupta is saying that the company is not in a position to repay at least for next 3 months! Nobody should invest in such companies. All investors should go to court for help or liquidation orders.

  8. I have a fixed deposit with Ansal properties & infrastructure ltd.

    I have not received any interest for this financial year.

    There is no notification on the reason for non payment and no proper contact to follow up with.

    Please be careful when investing with Ansal properties & infrastructure ltd

    1. The realty companies are in bad shape and Ansal is no different. I think you should find people who are suffering due to this and take joint legal action.

      Thanks for making everyone aware!

  9. Dear Sir

    I am Invested a Fund in the form of FD in your firm. FD maturity date is 28/01/2014.
    iam Submit my all documents related FD are before 28/01/2014. Due to I have need of money.
    But till date iam not get any response from your end to back my fund. My FD NO B3 73160.
    This is not a good Service because i am waiting for my fund from two months. So sir
    Please try to understand my problem and release my fund with interest of two months.

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